ISKCON, Hare Tishna, and living in the ultimately retarded movement

ISKCON, Hare Tishna, and living in the ultimately retarded movement

Ok, just go though my website and you will see that ISKCON is full of retarded gurus who worship Ramesh baba and organise eye camps. But today’s video is a sign of ultimate retardation.

Some of the senior members of the movement become so “advanced”, that they are no longer singing Hare Krishna maha mantra. No, that is too simple. We have to become special. So, one of the senior members of the movement Audarya Dhama prabhu is chanting “Hare Tishna” for quite some time now. Ok, I know, you don’t believe me. You are thinking it is not possible that ISKCON is that retarded. Well, yes, it is possible, we have a video:


Ok, Audharya Dhama Prabhu, also known as Dr. Oleg Torsunov is a completely retarded fool. And only reason why he is able to continue with this nonsense is because nobody dares to challenge his nonsense. And his guru Lokanath Swami who is not able to stop that nonsense and explain to his disciple that he is fool number one is guru by name only. What is the use of being guru if your disciples are chanting Hare Tishna?

Possible explanation

I was so struck when I saw that video that for a moment I could believe that ISKCON become so much retarded in short 50 years. OK, maybe the guy is not able to pronounce Krishna properly? That was the only viable excuse that I was able to think of. But look at this video:

He is also chanting Hare Tishna in this video, and he is able to pronounce both K and R without any problem. And he is properly pronouncing Krishna during the lecture.

Deep retardation tattva

Fools have always existed, in all religious movements. Fools are very prominent in Kali-yuga. It is not possible to stop fools from joining ISKCON. But is possible to prevent them from doing nonsense. So, my real fear here is that how it is possible that this guy is not challenged by leadership of this movement. It seems to me that leadership is busy covering up sannyasis with girlfriends, banning anybody who dares to say the truth and enjoying position of being retarded guru who leads retarded followers. That is the only viable explanation. No real follower of Srila Prabhupada would tolerate this nonsense.

Special bonus

And for all those who are not publicly protesting the nonsense, I’ll give you a glimpse how ISKCON will look in 50 years and what mantras will be chanted: