ISKCON guru reveals Pizza-hut sampradaya system

ISKCON guru reveals Pizza-hut sampradaya system

ISKCON gurus rarely send me emails. That is so because I am so envious.

In some crazy way, people think because I want to save them from mayavadi Radhanath baba that I am envious.

Now, I’ve spent a lot of time writing to this ISKCON guru, but he never replied. But I don’t want my time to be wasted so I decided to publish it. But since I didn’t get his approval to publish it, I will remove his name. So, he can safely survive in his Gestapo society. I mean, that is where he wants to be.

We did some chit-chat in the begging, but I wanted to change the topic to something really important. Like the future of Srila Prabhupada sampradaya.

So, I start with the following paragraph:

For me personally, an administratively approved guru who is licensed by a corporate entity can never deliver the real truth. and even worse, his disciples are also locked into ISKCON Gestapo ideology that they have to be quiet and discuss only “allowed topics”.

The exchange

This particular ISKCON guru gave me 3 arguments to justify the corporately approved guru strategy. I will quote all three of his arguments and my replies:

Pizza Hut Swami: Srila Prabhupada said that the followers of 4th class men are 5th class or less. So at least I wasn’t initiated by “an administratively approved guru who is licensed by a corporate entity(who)can never deliver the real truth.” Nope my guru was the real thing…fully self effulgent, and fully self realized. And because I know your not a ritvik how can we accept you as being bona fide?

Hanuman das: That is true, you were not initiated by administratively approved guru. But we should also look into the future. I mean you should think about your disciples at least. Let’s say your disciple opens a small nama-hatta center and does preaching there for 20 years. And after you leave this planet, that disciple will not able to initiate 2-3 people who he cultivated for many years. Before giving initiation, he will have to go through a complicated administrative procedure and his fate will be decided by people like Radhanath Swami, Anuttama, Bir Krishna and many others. If during those 20 years, your disciple follows Srila Prabhupada and speaks against eating mushrooms, Bir Krishna can stop his guru nomination.

If your disciple preaches against Neem Karoli baba, Ramesh baba and doesn’t accept them as saints, his ISKCON guru nomination will be stopped by Radhanath Swami.

If your disciple preaches against female diksa gurus, his nomination will be stopped by feminists like Anuttama, Bir Krishna and Radhanath.

From this example, I hope you understand the problem. If all future gurus must preach in such a way to please their future approvers, then, they will have to stay quiet about many, many controversial topics. But the guru’s job is to give knowledge to the disciple. If guru is not allowed to speak freely, he is no longer a real guru.

I didn’t quite understand his last sentence: “And because I know your not a ritvik how can we accept you as being bona fide?” How can he accept me as bonafide since I am not rtvik”? So, in my reply, I ignored this sentence.

To sum up, he thinks that he is bonafide because his guru was “the real thing”. But Srila Prabhupada’s position as founder acarya is not in question here. So, I focused my reply in discussing the future. Can we really entrust the future of Srila Prabhupada’s legacy to a corrupt GBC body? And they will decide who will be guru in the future. Of course, they will only select spineless gurus who were the members of ISKCON for 20 years and proved that they will not “rock the boat”. Before even becoming an ISKCON guru, you must tolerate Sacinandana Swami, a sannyasi with a girlfriend. You must be quiet about that deviation.

Deviant people like Radhanath baba are not to be challenged. And in the end, we will have clowns like Gaur Gopal running the GBC.

Pizza Hut Swami: But aside from this how is an international organization going to work if anyone can come and say I’m a guru in your organization???

Hanuman das: Not that anyone can come. He first has to be initiated. Then, he must wait until his guru leaves the planet. And if someone starts to preach weird philosophy, ISKCON keeps the ability to prevent him from holding lectures in ISKCON temples.

Furthermore, the current guru approval system goes against direct instruction of Srila Prabhupada:

It is also an offense to consider an empowered Vaiṣṇava an object of disciplinary action. It is offensive to try to give him advice or to correct him. One can distinguish between a neophyte Vaiṣṇava and an advanced Vaiṣṇava by their activities. The advanced Vaiṣṇava is always situated as the spiritual master, and the neophyte is always considered his disciple. The spiritual master must not be subjected to the advice of a disciple, nor should a spiritual master be obliged to take instructions from those who are not his disciples. (Nectar of Instruction 6, purport)

So, here “Maharaja” tries to prove a point that if we stop approving gurus, we will have total anarchy. Any retard will be able to become guru. But this is not true, even today, we have some self-proclaimed fake gurus outside of ISKCON, they might be disciples of Srila Prabhupada, but nobody takes them seriously, and they are not allowed to preach in ISKCON temples. So, GBC would keep the ability to prevent people who deviate from visiting the temples. Just as they have that ability now.

But, removing the approval system would allow gurus to speak freely, without being forced to sign gag-order and without being controlled by the GBC through licensing. So, GBC couldn’t prevent gurus from fighting deviations, but they could still remove them if they would have gross a falldown. And most importantly, not every guru would have to absolutely agree with everything that GBC does. He would be entitled to his own opinion. That would eliminate the Gestapo society that we have today. Because, if a guru can speak freely, his disciples can speak freely too.

Pizza Hut Swami: Sometimes we give the example of Pizza Hut. Now if you wanna put a sign out in front of your store saying Pizza Hut you have to be authorized by the Pizza Hut organization…you have to meet some standards. Otherwise if you want to open your own shop to sell pizza you can do that…but you can’t use their name. So what is your practical answer to this point?

Hanuman das: My practical answer is that guru and disciple relationship is similar to a relationship between a husband and wife. Girl who wants to find a husband doesn’t have to look for “ISKCON approved husbands list”. Neither husband has to wear “Approved husband” sign around his neck.

If with 70 fallen gurus, your argument that ISKCON approved gurus must meet the standard sounds funny.

If we look at the history, GBC supported and propped up Kirtanananda right to the very end, right until he started killing people. Do you really think that Kirtananda was pure devotee all that time while he was introducing all the retarded Christian nonsense in New Vrindavan community? Therefore, GBC was wrong to support him.

And look today, we have an ISKCON “guru” who thinks that Krishna consciousness will spread like wildfire as soon as we start wearing jeans. And they even invited this retarded into GBC body. Not to mention sannyasi with a girlfriend Sacinandana Swami.

Yet, despite the obvious failure, GBC still thinks they should approve gurus and you still support such a system.

And by approving deviant people, they are actually shielding them and providing them with the ground to spread their deviations. Sacinandana Swami is marked as “ISKCON guru” and because of that, everybody who doesn’t accept Sacinandana Swami as a bonafide, is kicked out of the movement. I am the living example of that injustice. But, if Sacinanda Swami wouldn’t have a “guru badge”, it would be much easier to bring him down.

Now, do you feel comfortable leaving sampradaya and the disciples of your disciples in the hands of Radhanath Swami’s men who will most probably permeate the GBC within 10 or 20 years? Soon, all Srila Prabhupada disciples will leave their bodies, and I can’t believe you plan to leave the guru approval business into the hands of Radhanath Swami’s bureaucrats. Just look at Gaur Gopal and tell me you are seriously planning to gamble away Srila Prabhupada’s legacy by leaving it to such people.

And most important of all, there is not a single instruction of Srila Prabhupada where he says that gurus need to be “approved” by an administrative body. To me, this looks like a scam similar to the zonal acarya theory.

And willingly or unwillingly, by being an “ISKCON guru”, you are supporting such a system.

The solution for this mess is to have gurus who will be able to speak freely, without a fear that their guru license will be revoked. Also, gurus would have to maintain their guru status by their perfect behavior, not by the badge received from the corrupt GBC body. If your disciple who preached for 20 years needs to initiate a few disciples, he should not be forced to sign a gag order and pledge his loyalty to Gaur Gopal and similar clowns.

ys Hanuman das

Here, I said it all. And of course, Pizza Hut Swami never replied to any of my points. I guess disciples of ISKCON gurus deserved to be ruled by Gaur Gopal, and other Radhanath Swami clones who are not even able to tell a difference between a mayavadi and Srila Prabhupada’s follower. Jeez, I almost forgot Bhakti Rasayana Sagara Maharaja, he already started writing petitions to root out offenders. When he enters the GBC and becomes a guru, he will no longer need petitions. He will be able to prosecute offenders directly. And an offender is anybody who doesn’t believe that Indradyumna Swami should pat girl for half an hour. 🤣🤣🤣As direct Srila Prabhupada disciples leave the stage, the future of ISKCON will be in the hands of Radhanath Swami’s retards. And please don’t complain about in 2030. It will be too late. Don’t say you were not warned. To sum up, ISKCON’s future is very dark, and that darkness can be felt even today.