ISKCON Gestapo officer defends China’s censorship

ISKCON Gestapo officer defends China’s censorship

I am often comparing corrupt ISKCON Gestapo regime with China and North Korea. And today, I obtained a glimpse into this new reality.

ISKCON is very similar to North Korea because you brainlessly have to worship the “dear leader” although he is living quite a luxurious lifestyle while his people are starving. He is also not allowing his citizens to find out anything about the world, because the whole outside world is “evil”. All tourists who come to North Korea are shadowed by government officials called “tourist guides”. Everybody who disagrees with the “Dear leader” is immediately thrown out of the country. Does that remind you of a religious movement your claim membership of?

And tourists are actually very lucky. If local people complain about anything, they will not be thrown out of the country, they will simply disappear.

Actually, the only difference between North Korea and ISKCON is that North Koren people want to get out of the country, but they are not able to do so while ISKCON retards remain voluntarily within a Gestapo organization.

And China is even worse, they imprisoned millions of their own citizens (Uighurs) into modern concentration camps. Not to mention the great firewall of China. Also, if you dare to criticize the ruling communist party in China, your life might very quickly take an unexpected turn.

But don’t worry, there are always people who will defend China and say that “Americans are also controlled”  😀 😀 😀 😀 Because controlling people is nice. Look at these comments in the recent Croatian newspaper article:

There is a discussion about censorship in China, this guy Marko Sviko says at the end: “Everybody can understand that China is doing all this just to censor everybody and have greater control over Chinese people”. And the guy is right, I mean the Chinese regime is terrible, therefore I am comparing it with ISKCON all the time.

But then, Darko Kafka says: “Marko Sviko and Americans and rest of the people in the western world are not controlled?”

Of course they are not. At least not in the same way as in China. Darko Kafka obviously didn’t spend a single day in an Uighur concentration camp where you are forced to sing songs which glorify the Communist party.

Actually, Darko Kafka‘s other name is Divya-Prabandha das, and he is president of Croatian ISKCON. Croatian ISKCON in a small Chinese province where you are not allowed to say the truth about Ramesh baba or sannyasis with female secretaries. If you dare to say the truth about fake guru Sacinandana baba, you will be kicked out. So, it is perfectly normal for Darko to defend his comrades in China’s community party who are also doing censorship but on a much bigger scale.

We want to invite comrades from China’s communist party to donate surveillance equipment to ISKCON Zagreb, so that ISKCON Zagreb can fight with “envious faultfinders” and other daemons who don’t want to accept the divine sannyasi-girlfriend tattva.