ISKCON followers introduce real-estate Gestapo contracts

ISKCON followers introduce real-estate Gestapo contracts

You wanna buy your apartment in Mayapur? Better read your contract carefully.

One of my facebook friends wanted to buy an apartment in the Ajamila’s mafia twin-towers, but he gave up that idea when he saw the contract. Lucky for him, otherwise, he would be cheated by Ajamila and Sanjoy “money joy” Roy.

Actually, the didn’t know that his apartment would never be completely, he gave up on the idea because Ajamila added Gestapo clauses in the contract. You can read the whole contract here but we will add a screenshot of the actual Gestapo clause:

So, you buy your apartment, you pay it in full. But, if you plan on speaking against girl-touching seminars organized by Radhanath baba, you can lose your apartment. If you say anything against sannyasi with a girlfriend, Sacinandana “loverboy” Swami, you will be kicked out from your own apartment. Or God-forbid, if you plan to read original Srila Prabhupada’s books in your apartment, you will lose your apartment, even if you paid for it.

The analysis

ISKCON Gestapo ideology is all-pervading, people who invest so much time in banning members, producing Gestapo rule-books, telling people not to visit certain websites, they obviously have something to hide.

A real pure devotee doesn’t have anything to hide and he doesn’t have a need to establish a Gestapo society. But ISKCON does. Their past is very dark. Murder of Sulocana with Radhanath Swami as an accomplice, Zonal acarya Gestapo society and so on. It all continues to this very day with enforced purity of guru system, gurus signing gag orders, sannyasis signing gag orders and so on. A lot of stuff to hide it seems.

From the other side, the basic qualification to be a pure devotee is to be thoroughly honest. Life of a pure devotee is like an open book, nothing to hide.

Actually, the very survival of the sampradaya is guaranteed only if senior members are allowed to speak freely on the matter of the Absolute Truth. They must be encouraged to attack deviations, while corrupt society ISKCON is exactly the opposite.