ISKCON bans old people

ISKCON bans old people

😀 😀 😀 Yesterday evening, Mahananda dasa complained that he can’t visit Rathayatra festival. He is banned because he is too old:

I also managed to find photo of Mahananda das:

Ok, I know ISKCON is crazy organisation, with all the sannyasis with female secretaries, sannyasis with luxury apartments, and many other crazy stuff which is exposed on this website. But this sounded a little bit too crazy, even for ISKCON. So, I asked Mahananda prabhu if there is some kind of evidence for this, flyer, or email. Sure enough, I was provided with link to rathayatra website, and indeed, it says “Youth participation only”:


Responsible party

Where the hell is Tallahasee? Sounds like some city from the Alice in the wonderland. Google maps soon revealed that it is Florida, USA. My next question is of course, who is the rascal responsible for this nonsense. Zonal assignments for 2017 reveal that person responsible is Tamohara das:

I wonder how does he look like?

What? That freaking grandpa looks old. He is definitely too old to manage anything, what to speak of being the GBC. Well, he banned all the old people, except himself. 😀 😀 😀

Initial message from Mahananda dasa also mentions Bhadra dasa, that he is the manager directly responsible for this nonsense:

Damn, he looks old too. But he is manager of the Rathayatra, so he must be there. He can’t ban himself. But I think he would do a great service to the movement by banning himself from managing anything, so that we don’t look as a crazy movement by banning old people.


Message to devotees in Florida: Please remain brainless and don’t complain because old people are banned. This is ok since you will never become old. This decision was made  with oversight of the GBC Tamohara das, and he is a pure devotee. Everything pure devotee does is perfect. Since you are lazy and never read Prabhupada’s books, you have exact the leader that you deserve. 😀 😀 😀

I mean Prabhupada always wanted to ban old people, because Krishna says in the 19th chapter of Bhagavad-gita: “I can be worshiped by everybody, except the old people. Especially old people who served me while they were younger.”

Stay safe, stay humble, stay brainless,
ys Hanuman das

Deeper meaning

When defending their corrupt leadership ISKCON members usually use argument that “we should not be offensive”. Well, what about offense towards Mahananda prabhu? I find it very offensive that stupid leaders banned him from coming to Ratha yatra. That is real vaisnava aparadha.

Old people can’t come to the festival because “everything will be choreographed”. That surely reminds on Indradyumna Swami’s passionate circus video I posted some time back.