ISKCON baba starts non standard worship

ISKCON baba starts non standard worship

After failing to reach prema by travelling with his girlfriend around the world, ISKCON’s most famous celibate is now trying weird alter setup, so hopefully this will stop giving rain and sunshine to Hanuman das, ISKCON’s greatest offender. 😀 😀 😀

This photo was taken in the Sacinandana baba’s home base at Schloss Kranzlin, Darritzer Straße 6, Kränzlin, Brandenburg, Germany seen on this event page

Initial spy report: This Veda akadmie is Sacinandana Swami headquarters, beside his Gopi lila place next to the lake. His the supervisor of the veda academy. On that altar they do beside the worship of Panchatattva, the worship of demigods. On that altar are the nine Planets in the form of nine murtis and they do demigod worship there.

You remember Prabhupada? He is founder acarya of this movement. Before cheaters like Sacinandana baba took control preaching was going like this:

 My dear Giriraja,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 30th, 1971.
I am not surprised that Mr. Rathanam Iyer has decided to cancel the program you were planning. I was not eager to accept his proposal in the beginning because it has been our experience that it is never good to have to depend upon others for our preaching. I am sorry that now that it has been advertised in the newspapers that I am coming to Madras, if I do not come our prestige may suffer. Anyway what is done is done. The fact is that I am the only one in India who is openly criticizing, not only demigod worship and impersonalism, but everything that falls short of complete surrender to Krishna. My Guru Maharaja never compromised in His preaching, nor will I nor should any of my students. We are firmly convinced that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and all other are His part and parcel servants. This we must declare boldly to the whole world, that they should not foolishly dream of world peace unless they are prepared to surrender fully to Krishna as Supreme Lord. (Bombay,3 January, 1972,Madras)

Correction – additional spy info

More info about this incident from another spy:

Haribol! I just saw your article about SNS’s so-called demi-god worship. I must say that it is not correct info. I have been there myself and can say that they are worshipping the 10 avataras of Vishnu, not demigods.

However, the individual people living there do a lot of other nonsense. SNS is not the director of that Veda Academy, it is one of his first disciples, Gadadhara. He has his business in that place. Actually, it is the headquarters of his company plus some devotees living there, they work for him. They have this one room with their altar, and SNS comes there for programmes, so it is not even a temple (although they might think that they are super special devotees).

the murtis on the altar have this shape:

> but they are made of metal and are small, but you can see that they are all standing and look a bit human-like.


Prabhupada presented standard Krishna consciousness and Krishna should be worshipped as advised by Prabhupada. Prabhupada never advised his followers to worship dasa avataras in this kind of setup.