Indian machos – the dark side

Indian machos – the dark side

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We all want to establish a society based on Krishna conscious, but we should not be hypocritical while we try to do it.

As Indian machos are pushing against female diksa gurus, I am having two problems with this approach. The first problem is their whole approach revolves around the illusory concept of guru rubberstamping. Traditionally, a guru is guru only to his disciples, and he becomes guru by showing competence in knowledge of Srila Prabhupada’s books, and by his personal example.

On the other hand, the ISKCON Gestapo organization puts gurus on the “guru list” and portrays them as universally perfect.  Thus, they put intelligent people in the position that they have to glorify and offer obeisances to Sacinandana “Swami”, who is a Ramesh baba follower and who travels around the world with his girlfriend for the last 10 years. And you can’t say anything against this cheater because he is “on the guru list”, and GBC members who voted him to be guru are equally retarded.

If I want to be a member of ISKCON, I have to glorify Radhanath “maharaja”, mayavadi who also associates with Ramesh baba sahajiya and builds hospitals. And he also placed miniskirt girl as manager of his Govardhana Eco village. Additionally, he plays blues with new-age mayavadis on the Bhaktifest. All around nonsense guy must be glorified by everybody because he is on the “guru list”.

So, female gurus are not the problem, the guru list itself is a problem. 

So, if we have female gurus, what is the problem. We already had at least 5 sannyasis in ISKCON who had young, unmarried female secretaries. Yet, Indian machos failed to send a strong statement against this nonsense. So, can somebody explain to me how a female guru is more deviant than sannyasi guru with a young, unmarried female secretary?

Due to the influence of Ramesh baba disco dance, Radhanath baba introduced a “counselor system”. Counselor system is like cancer spreading throughout India. By participating in this system, you will remain permanently retarded, glorifying Radhanath baba as “pure devotee”. You will also not be able to see a difference between Ramesh baba and genuine devotees, and you will definitely not be able to see the difference between pure devotional service and Hospital building.

Additionally, In this counselor system, celibate monks are “counseling women”. Such celibate “counselors” sometimes steal a wife of the people who took shelter of them. If Indian machos such as Basu Ghosh and Krishna Kirti would like to establish a more Vedic society, they should deal with a “twisted counselor system”, and divorce leader, who after stealing another man’s wife, engaged himself in “education”.

And the major culprit who didn’t train his disciples properly is mayavadi Radhanath baba. But hey, how could he train his disciples in staying away from women, when his “best friend” Ramesh baba spends his nights watching girls dance. He will never be able to give real knowledge because his brahmacaries are practicing yoga with girls. And also, on his Govardhana eco village, he is organizing girl-touching seminars.

Today, we are publishing a story written by a disciple of Radhanath Swami, whose wife was snatched by “counselor women hunter”.

The horror story of Radhanath’s counselor-wife-stealer system

Hare Krishna HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj, Dandvat Pranam
Please accept my humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada, All glories to Guru & Gauranga

From Your Disciple
Amala Nitai Das (Arsh Khanna)

Guru Maharaj,

Just yesterday I came to know about Bala Govind Prabhu and Ruchi getting married in Vada on 29th Jan thus compelling me, although hesitant to write this mail, with the sole purpose of service to You and GEV and not as avenge to anyone. Hence I have also marked Gauranga Pr (Director GEV), Radheshyam Pr (President Iskcon Pune) and Govind Pr. If at any point in this mail you feel that I have deviated from my purpose I beg forgiveness for wasting your time and attention and plead to ignore it. You may find my mail very lengthy but it is negligible compared to the years of pain I have gone through silently.

Maharaj, I hail from Shimla, HP had been married to Ruchi since 2002 and we had been living in Australia since Aug 2003. I was working as an accountant and Ruchi completed her further studies. During our stay we came in contact with HH Indradhumna Maharaj and devotees and had been attending temple programs there. At the behest of my wife, since she was from Pune, and wanted to open a value school with help from her father we moved to Pune in Sep 2009. I transferred all my savings to Ruchi’s account in Pune which she said her father would invest appropriately being in real estate.

In this regard, we met HG Radheshyam Pr and he introduced us to HG Bala Govind Pr to guide us. We started attending his weekly program held at Nadia Vihari Pr and Champaklata Mtj house and later Bala Govind Pr made them our counselors. But still, we both used to take counseling from Bala Govind Pr as he was very friendly and made us very comfortable. Ruchi’s father proposed that Iskcon should build and maintain the school on his land. After a few meetings with Iskcon school Committee regarding this, both parties couldn’t come to a concrete solution and the project never started. It was a very tough phase for us and we were looking for options to become financially stable. Bala Govind Pr gave a lot of support and guidance and we became very close as I had lost my elder brother earlier and he made me feel like my elder brother. Ruchi started doing services under his guidance as well. I started working in Ruchi’s father’s club house as a manager.

But soon after that, in 2011, Ruchi started becoming very possessive about him and they started exchanging messages and used to talk to each other on phone. She started talking only about him in the house and even forced me to go to Mayapur with just 3 of us. Ruchi’s mother even complained this to Champak Lata Mataji. I couldn’t understand whether it was spiritual liking or she was falling for him. I shared this to Bala Govind Pr and her parents. Both said it was ok and there was nothing wrong. Bala Govind Pr assured me that if he feels that she is breaking any norm he will chuck her out of his life. I thought that since we were so close and he being a brahmachari having very high sadhna standards, I could trust him and he won’t do anything wrong. Ruchi started attending 4-5 programs weekly of Bala Govind Pr at different locations and for some programs, she forced me to accompany her even if I was reluctant. Devotees started noticing this, her possessiveness and extra care for him. I did not object to this and that is my mistake.

In mid 2011, Bala Govind Pr invited us in one of the GBC retreats in Mahabaleshwar where we got the opportunity to serve all Maharajas. We stayed for the full retreat. In north India, we celebrate Karva Chauth where wife fasts for the full day for husband’s wellbeing and only breaks the fast after seeing the moon in the presence of her husband. We celebrated the festival in the retreat only. Shockingly, Ruchi insisted that she will break the fast only when both of us were present and to my disbelief he came. I retaliated that this was bizarre but again in his sweet words he explained that he came only because she insisted and meant nothing else. He said that she has intense nature that’s why she behaves like this. She did not miss even a single yatra of Bala Govind Pr. Thereafter I and Ruchi started having arguments about this.
In Nov 2012, we went for Mayapur yatra I had to come in between the yatra due to work commitments. Ruchi stayed back for full yatra. There was one more couple who was very close to Bala Govind Pr, Sudhakar Prabhu from Hyderabad. Even they attended the full yatra. His wife noticed that Bala Govind Prabhu had taken extra care of Ruchi’s comfort thereby breaking Brahamchari norms. When they came back from yatra, his wife complained this to Jahnva Mataji. Jahnva Mataji informed this to Champak Lata Mataji. Champak Lata Mataji was also getting complaints from other mataji’s about Ruchi’s closeness with Bala Govind Pr. She naturally became upset with Ruchi and expressed her displeasure. She even enquired from me that did I find anything wrong in her behaviour. Since I liked Bala Govind Pr a lot and had full trust in his words I disagreed even knowing that I was not at all happy with Ruchi’s behaviour.

Ruchi was told to follow strict rules as other matajis with brahamcharies. She couldn’t handle this and went into depression. I panicked and didn’t know what to do. I took help of Bala Govind Pr and slowly she came out of depression. Bala Govind Pr always preached about strict morning program. So, Ruchi started attending morning program in temple regularly. If he was in NVCC, she would go to Mangal Arti in NVCC and if he was in Radha Kunj Bihari temple she would go there. She knew his entire itenary of the week. For chanting she would sit at a particular position at the temple hall from where she could see him and chant her rounds not caring if devotes noticed this.

In Sep 2013, I wanted to celebrate Ruchi’s birthday in a nice way so that all the tension between us could ease out and hence wanted to take her out for a holiday. She suggested to go to Belgaum to a beautiful retreat for 2 nights. Upon reaching there she said that Bala Govind Pr was in Iskcon Belgaum and that he was not well. She invited him to the resort and served him full day. I was struck with wonder and anger.

I thought if we have a child all these problems will go away and she will become serious about our relationship but I don’t know what Bala Govind Pr had taught her that she didn’t believed in having children and told that if we hold his dhoti we will go back to godhead in this birth only. We have taken so many lives and already done enough of this business of becoming child, mother, father, husband, wife so now only focus on spirituality. We used to sleep in different rooms so that she can talk to him in the night without my knowledge. She use to buy him different sim cards so that nobody in the temple will come to know. They had become very casual in their talk and would even fight loudly. When asked she replied that whatever wrong happened to her, she would not let it happen to any other mataji. According to her Bala Govind Prabhu gives so much importance to matajis that they use to take it in a different manner and started falling for him and he use to like that. She wanted to keep a check on him that he will not commit same mistake and if she sees that he is doing again she use to fight with him. She use to keep constant check on him.

Ruchi stopped meeting any of her friends, parents, sister and relatives. She only wanted to be close to him. She wanted to do seva under him, chant with him, attend his classes, go to his yatras. Her whole world revolved around him. She use to discuss about Parkia rasa with him and when I asked what it is she used to say you will misunderstand. She will often force me to ask Bala Govind Pr to spend time with us. If I refuse she would fight with me. She would serve him so nicely which I can’t even think in my dreams that she will do the same for me. I became so upset with the entire situation. I told her parents so many times but they always ignored the situation saying that they didn’t want to interfere in our personal matters. I called my parents to come to Pune as I was disturbed. In December 2014, we all went to Bala Govind Pr’s Ahobilam yatra. There often devotees would start taking about Bala Govind Pr’s relationship with Ruchi in front of my mother and she would ask what’s going on. I told them that I want to leave Pune and stay with them. I left Pune in January 2015. I thought if I go away from her for some time she will realize the importance of our relationship and things will become normal.

She went to Sri Lanka in March 2015 and sent emails to Bala Govind Pr. They used to address each other Momu meaning mother ( Bala Govind Pr) and Dotu meaning daughter (Ruchi). Those emails were seen by one of the devotee and showed them to Champak Lata Mataji. Champak Lata Mataji complaint it to the temple authorites and a meeting was held in November 2015 by Radheshyam Prabhu alongwith senior devotees Jaidev Prabhu, Jahnva Mataji, Satyavati Mataji and others who took very harsh decisions. In fact Radheshyam Pr was left embarrassed by him. Ruchi was banned to attend any of his classes outside the temple. She could attend classes only in the temple premises. He was told by Radheshyam Prabhu not to be seen anywhere near Ruchi. All her services under Bala Govind Pr was disallowed. I came to Pune and Ruchi blamed me that since I left her she got so upset and that’s why she sent those emails and Bala Govind Pr also requested to take their side and emotionally blackmailed me. So again I told my counselors that everything is normal.

Ruchi was very upset that all those rules meant for her only and no restrictions were imposed on him. She felt that he still met other matajis in the same manner and again make the same mistakes and there’s nobody to stop him. She took all the blame and all the devotees criticized her singly. There was no action taken against him. For once she was right. I told Ruchi that let’s go for a holiday together and sort out our differences. So, in May 2016 we decided to go to Sikkim and I was astonished to find that Bala Govind Pr was also going with us. I fought with Ruchi and even asked Bala Govind Pr that in case seniors find out about this?. He was so casual and said that since you are with me nobody will say anything. I said you are Vice president of Pune Iskcon and you have reputation but he said he was ready to sacrifice his reputation to be with us. I couldn’t believe that he risked everything for her.

In Aug 2016, I bought a flat in Chandigarh and requested Bala Govind Pr to come and inaugurate the flat. Ruchi and Bal Govind Pr came to Chandigarh on the same day at the same time from the airport. Later we all went to my native place Shimla. My cousin was confused to see Ruchi’s possessive behaviour towards Bala Govind Pr. He told me that this is not normal. My parents were also not happy that Ruchi left with him on the same day and didn’t stay longer. This is when I realised that Ruchi will not change and told my parents that I want to file for divorce. My parents called Ruchi and her parents to meet us in Delhi in November 2016. I told in front of everybody that I can’t stay in this marriage any longer. It was decided that final decision will be taken in 2 months’ time. I stopped talking to Ruchi. No decision was taken and we again started talking from July 2017. In Oct 2017, she told me that she is going to Mayapur yatra and I can also come and in that way, we can spend time together and sort out our problems. I agreed and booked my tickets but for few days only as I was busy with work. That time, Ruchi called me and said that I should meet Bala Govind Pr in Mayapur and that I should call him and convince him. I specifically told her that I am just coming to meet her and I don’t want to meet Bala Govind Pr. Despite that Bala Govind Pr was with us till I left for Chandigarh.

This time I decided that its final that I can’t stay with Ruchi. I called her parents and my common relatives that now we should take final decision. Ruchi finally agreed for divorce but put forth two conditions. First, that she will give divorce only after her initiation and second that she should be allowed to do direct sevas with Bala Govind Pr. We came to know that Maharaj is giving initiation in Italy in March 2019 but the seniors refused to give any recommendation letter to her. I was sure that the temple committee will never pass her name for initiation. Even Bala Govind Pr used to think the same. I was not happy with these conditions and decided to go to Pune and convince her family to allow us to file for divorce. I met her father and told him that I had nothing to do with Bala Govind Pr and her seva. Regarding first condition Ruchi decided to take initiation from Indradyumna Maharaj as she knew him in Australia and even he had stayed at our place in Pune. She got initiation in March 2018 in Australia. She immediately left for USA for her holidays and didn’t keep her promise. Her father told me to start finalizing divorce papers and as soon as she comes back she will sign the papers. I came to know from Pune devotees that Bala Govind Pr has also left for USA at the same time.

Ruchi came back to Pune in May 2018 and I also booked my tickets to Pune for divorce. I came with my father and cousin. Ruchi again put two new conditions before she will sign the papers. First condition was that I call and tell Saki Rai Prabhu (senior disciple of Indradyunma Maharaj who helped her in getting initiation, that we were not compatible with each other and we were trying from so many years to solve our issues but nothing was happening so I decided that I will wait till she gets initiation and then file for divorce so that Maharaj and Saki Rai Prabhu don’t feel cheated. (Audio Recording with Ruchi 1 recording 2:05 mins) Second condition was same that Ruchi should be allowed to do direct sevas with Bala Govind Pr and that can only happen if he changes his ashram otherwise nobody will allow them to work together (Ruchi 1 recording 4:10 mins). For that I should go and threaten him that if he didn’t change his ashram and work with Ruchi, I will complain about his relationship with Ruchi to higher authorities. (Ruchi 1 recording 4:35 mins). ( Maj Bajaj 2 recording 5:40 mins) Ruchi’s father told me that if I don’t go then he will complain against Bala Govind Pr who spoiled our marriage and ruined her daughter’s life. ( Maj Bajaj 1 recording 2:20 mins ) ( Maj Bajaj 2 recording 2:20 mins) Ruchi ‘s father told me over the phone that Bala Govind Pr spoiled so many marriages not just one (Maj Bajaj 2 recording 2:20 mins) (Maj Bajaj 2 recording 8:00 mins) My phone has auto recording app and hence these recordings available with me as evidence.

I realised that why all these matajis are ready to do anything for Bala Govind Pr because he is teaching wrong philosophy to devotees. He is teaching that material life is different from spiritual life. If you are married with somebody, spiritually you can have any rasa with anybody. This has been confirmed by both Ruchi and her father over the phone (Maj Bajaj 2 recording 2:20).

Whenever I asked Bala Govind Pr about his relationship with Ruchi, he has always told me that she is his daughter nothing else and that he will never marry her. He is 200% sure. I have phone recordings and whatsapp messages to confirm this. We got divorced in Sep 2019 and even now Ruchi has asked me to inform you that I have allowed their marriage. In hindsight I feel it was their preplanned strategy to use Ruchi to request seniors to force him to marry her, so that he can justify that he simply obeyed their instructions. And Maharaj has blessed their marriage in GEV. Because, then all wrongs become right and he does not have to answer these questions!

Has he not misused his role as a mentor to become close to us while we were married?
Has he not succumbed to his inner weakness and justified it by practicing wrong philosophy of separating material and spiritual relations?
Has he not broken for so many years his vows of celibacy be being emotionally involved with someone else’s wife?
Has he not disobeyed his authorities’ instructions and tried to find loopholes to break them?
Has he not caused insecurity amongst grihasthas to attend weekly programs conducted by bramhacharis?
Has he not threatened the bramhachari ashram?
Has he not set a bad precedent?
Has he not as a leader have a larger responsibility to set higher standards?
Has he not used his resources and seniors to cover up improper actions?
Has he not been let off with no restrictions even though he played an active role just because of his skills and resourcefulness?

Guru Maharaj,

There is not a single incidence where I have not erred. So what if I come from a simple pahadi family background where we trust easily, forgive easily and reconcile easily. My mistakes are innumerous but I have suffered even more innumerously. That is my penance. I have no complains or revenge, but an affection towards you and GEV and feel the possibility of misusing the credibility. Honestly, I didn’t want to write this at all as it disturbs my peace but duality over peace and service persists. Hence please forgive me for choosing service over silence if I chose wrongly.

Always seeking the shelter of your lotus feet,
Your Disciple
Amala Nitai Das (Arsh Khanna)


So, what happened to the woman-hunter-counselor? Nothing, he is still the trustee of GBC college. If we look at their Trustee page, we will find a women-hunter counselor.

So, wife-stealer brahmana will train future leaders of ISKCON? Now I am officially scared. Well, if Indian machos weren’t so busy chasing unexisting female gurus, maybe they could nail this guy. Additionally, this guy is director of the school in Pune, as visible on his Linked-in profile.

Ok, if Indian machos would be really interested in establishing Vedic society, as you can see from this article, then is a lot of housecleaning to do before dealing with unexisting female gurus.

But, somehow, all the pedos and all the homos who occupy ISKCON’s high spiritual authority positions are not the problem (Bhavananda anyone), the problem is with frustrated divorced women who want to become gurus. Well, I can tell you one thing, those women are definitely not a problem. Circus has been running for many, many years.

What Indian machos will do regarding Bal Govind? You already know the answer, they will do nothing. He will continue to be the school director, GBC college trustee and role model for everybody else to follow. Welcome to cat and dog ISKCON.

And what will happen with 10 years of the agony of Ruchi’s ex-husband? Nobody cares. This is what you get when you become a disciple of Radhanath baba and become brainwashed by the counselor system.

Bal Govind’s weeding to Ruchi was scheduled for today in Vada, well this article is my wedding present. 😇😇😇





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