Indian Machos are on the rise

Indian Machos are on the rise

ISKCON can’t be saved by anybody except Indian machos.

A few years ago, nobody even heard about Indian machos, but know everybody knows about them. Then even have a website.

Indian machos are fighting against female diksa gurus, or should I say, non-existing female diksa gurus.

Who are Indian machos? Well, whole Indian IAC, ACC, or whatever their name is, this is something like small Indian GBC.

To understand the philosophy of Indian machos, you can watch the short video sent to me by one of my friends this morning.

It is a really rare sight to see in a Gestapo society that senior managers who are part of the machine are publicly attacking the GBC.

I see a couple of problems here. First, this guy is a disciple of Gopal Krishna Goswami, a Gestapo officer who ruthlessly throwing out people from ISKCON who only expressed a different opinion in a private conversation. We covered this in a separate article:

ISKCON introduces hypocrite Gestapo masters

So, his own guru is ruthlessly kicking people out of ISKCON, and at the same time, this guy wants more “stakeholders opinion”. Well, in the corporate Gestapo sudra society, stakeholders are not here to have an opinion, they are here to follow orders, and the guys in the top echelon are supposed to do all the thinking.

First ISKCON dogma is that Governing body commission is comprised of pure devotees.  And second ISKCON dogma is that you should never publicly challenge authorities.

This guy looks like he has fallen from Mars. He participated for so many years in a Gestapo society and now all of a sudden, he wants his opinion to be considered.  🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is hilarious.

Well, did GBC consider stakeholder’s opinion when they accepted murder accomplice Radhanath baba in their top management? But having mayavadi Radhanath Swami and his clown disciple Gour Gopal is not a problem for them, the problem is unexisting female diksa gurus. 🤣🤣🤣

If he could somehow just get rid of female gurus, everything would be dandy. 🤣🤣🤣 Because, then, we would remain “Vedic”. So, women diksa gurus are the problem, but sannyasis with female secretaries are extremely Vedic.

Even his own guru Gopal Krishna Goswami had a female secretary as a sannyasi. I even wrote him an email about this, and he never responded:

Open letter to Gopal Krishna Goswami

so, Indian machos want women to remain on lower salary positions such as a sannyasi secretary. Did you ever hear Indian machos pushing agenda that sannyasis should not have a female secretary? Never. And Indian machos also never publicly distanced themselves from Indradyumna “Swami” sahajiya who is parading girls throughout the cities although Srila Prabhupada said over 700 times in his books that main characteristic of women is to be chaste and shy.

And that is the very reason why Indian machos are complaining, they think that chaste and shy women should not accept the prominent position of a diksa guru. So, when Indradyumna baba parades girls throughout the cities, this is somehow chaste and shy, and Indian machos will turn a blind eye on this deviation. But, Indian machos are never brave enough to attack real sahajiyas who mistreat women, namely sannyasis with young, unmarried female secretaries and sannyasis who parade women throughout the cities. That is the real issue here if we want to fight for Vedic standards. Not to mention ISKCON corporate Brahmanas who divorced and remarried 3 times and still hold important posts in society.

So, if Indian machos want to protect women and keep ISKCON in pristine condition, they should work in the following three directions:

  1. Work against sannyasis who are parading girls throughout the cities.
  2. Work on a direct ban for ISKCON sannyasis having female secretaries/assistants, especially unmarried young ones.
  3. Eliminating cat and dog level preachers who divorce and remarry and lead irresponsible lives.

If they would solve on the above 3 points, then maybe they would have eligibility to speak about female diksa gurus.

Wrong direction

Additionally, the whole idea that GBC should only “approve gurus” who signed gag order and promised never to criticize the GBC, that is the root of the problem. So, Indian machos want GBC only to approve male gurus. But all ISKCON gurus are already females. No real man would ever agree to sign “gag order” and promise never to disagree with GBC on anything. And you can’t become a guru in ISKCON unless you sign such a statement. Therefore all ISKCON gurus are already women.

Of course, Indian machos will never accept that. I posted a comment on a recent akincana article about female diksa gurus. My comment was as follows:

Approving gurus is a malpractice not found anywhere in the sastra, and thus, “approving” gurus, both male and female, is a sign of a deviation, and interference of the corrupt, corporate structures in the way how sampradaya is supposed to work.

And Basu Ghosh, who is the ideological leader of Indian machos responded:

Approving gurus is part of “utility is the principle”. Prabhupada wanted oversight of his institution. There are those who will argue that there should not be an institution. Prabhupada did comment that guruship does NOT depend on ecclesiastical considerations, and yet, he created and legally registered his institution, ISKCON, and did direct that a GBC should continue to function to oversee that affairs were conducted according to his instructions.

But “bottom line”: more or less all of our diksha gurus aren’t actually “qualified”. They are more like officers in the military during a major conflict who are “commissioned on the battlefield”, in the absence or lack of sufficient officers to lead the army.

You see, “veda paathaad bhavet vipra”. By study of the vedas – and that means the vedic gurukula system of “aavartana” – memorization of at least one of the vedas, then study – again by memorization – of the vedangas, and then study of “darshana shastras” – vedic philosophy, one of which is vedanta philosophy (that Prabhupada commented in a purport in the Chaitanya Charitamrita, “should be studied by Gaudiya Vaishnavas”) – one becomes a brahmana! The brahmanas are the gurus – shiksha and diksha – for society. The women-folk – females – are charged with assisting their husbands, who they should view as a demigod, according to Srimad Bhagavatam 6.18.33-34:

“A husband is the supreme demigod for a woman. The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Vāsudeva, the husband of the goddess of fortune, is situated in everyone’s heart and is worshiped through the various names and forms of the demigods by fruitive workers. Similarly, a husband represents the Lord as the object of worship for a woman.”

Your criticism misses the point of the present struggle. The liberal devotees on the GBC want to usher in an era of “gender equality”, aka feminism, and egalitarianism through “affirmative action”: the authorization of female diksha gurus in ISKCON. Our dilemma is that this group if powerful, holding the majority position within the GBC, and they are flaunting and disregarding not only what Prabhupada taught about the role of women in society, but actually challenging the authority of vedic shastras, that are the basis of vaishnava and sanaatan dharma.

A very slippery slope to say the least, for those who are entrusted with Prabhupada’s legacy!

Basu Ghosh’s comment perfectly expounds the illusion of the Indian machos. He believes that “liberal devotees on the GBC want to usher in an era of gender equality, aka feminism, and egalitarianism through affirmative action“. He also claims that “this group if powerful, holding the majority position within the GBC, and they are flaunting and disregarding not only what Prabhupada taught about the role of women in society, but actually challenging the authority of vedic shastras, that are the basis of vaishnava and sanatan dharma.

So, my only question here is: How can a “group of liberal devotees” who “disregarding Srila Prabhupada’s instruction” can be in charge to decide who will be diksa guru in ISKCON? How can people who are “challenging the authority of vedic shastras” be in a position where every “approved guru” must sign a statement in which he promises loyalty to them? This is not a well-organized spiritual movement, this is the lunatic asylum. It is not hard to guess, that deviated GBC body will continue strengthening their position in the future by approving gurus who support a feminist ideology.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to completely disband the “guru approval process”. Puppy gurus who must promise never to criticize the GBC are completely useless, and ISKCON is not able to produce anything else but such useless gurus.

Thus, ISKCON turned “guru” into an administratively controlled useless political peon. And therefore, deviants like mayavadi Radhanath baba and sahajiyas are thriving, because nobody is allowed to talk freely.

Female diksa guru issue is just a symptom of the disease, we have to deal with the root cause. And the root cause is rigged Gestapo guru approval process. Administratively approved gurus are not really gurus, and thus we have blind leading the blind, since repeating Srila Prabhupada’s teachings has become punishable by law. Try repeating Srila Prabhupada’s statements on sannyasi secretaries in any ISKCON temple, and you will see what will happen to you.

So, I find the whole Indian macho movement highly hypocritical.