Let's talk

Hare Krishna, during the last year, increasing number of devotees are visiting my website. Many of website visitors also want to chat with me through the chat feature of my website and many of them are sending me emails. Some also want to talk with me. Generally, many people want advice of some sort. So, I would like to build some structure into this whole process.

Prahladananada Swami introduces Holy drug dealer - women hunter festival

ISKCON is at crossroads, he have to invent something new to stay relevant. 2 years ago, this movement almost got destroyed by old fashioned preaching techniques, but Hridayananda das Goswami saved it when he started playing ping pong with girls. He also introduced Krishna jeans movement, which claims that we can successfully preach only if we are dressed as the people who we preach to. After few devotees accepted this proposal, Krishna jeans movement spread like wildfire and currently has over 100 000 members worldwide. And everybody is wearing jeans.

But now, Prahladananada Swami decided to take things a step further, he introduced, not one, but two new movements, called Krishna drug dealer, and Krishna woman hunter.

Critical vs brainless

One of the biggest challenges in spiritual life is developing discrimination, seeing what is wrong and what is right. If we don’t develop discrimination, we will never get out of this material world.

Post Prabhupada nonsense

If you are regular visitor to my website, and you visited topics page page, you are probably wondering how we got into this mess. How it is possible that we have sannyasis with secretaries, sannyasis with luxury apartments and Ramesh baba glorification, this is just to name of the of many deviations perpetrated by fake gurus in ISKCON.