If you are ISKCON sannyasi, it’s best to take your girlfriend out twice a month

If you are ISKCON sannyasi, it’s best to take your girlfriend out twice a month

Three weeks ago, we published an article proving that Sacinandana “Swami” and his girlfriend Bhanu-Nandini still travel together.

You can see our previous post here:

If you are ISKCON sannyasi in Germany, Berlin is great place to take your girlfriend for a spin

In our previous post, we proved that Sacinandana Swami and Bhanu Nandini were together in Berlin temple on 21st March 2019.

However, that’s not all. Yesterday, we got a report of another video which proves they were together in ISKCON Berlin temple on March 9st as clearly seen on 28:16 in this video, video will start playing from that location:

This video is published on official youtube channel of ISKCON Berlin temple. In the description, they confirm that this event took place on 9th March 2019:

So, Sacinandana baba took his girlfriend to Belin, on 9th March, and on 21st March as described in the previous article.


This is also evidence that Prahladananda Swami, sannyasi minister, turned ISKCON sannyasa asrama into a circus and betrayed Srila Prabhupada. Unless GBC body was totally corrupt, Prahladananda Swami would never be able to stay on his position. In the past, we have made a video about his lies.

Destination – lying-loka

In summary, nothing changed since 2016, when we exposed Sacinandana Swami and his girlfriend for the first time. Here is our video from 2016 where we provide details of their travels to Australia and many other places:

Full case file on Sacinandana Swami can be found on this link.

Gestapo continues

ISKCON Gestapo organization is still running in the same way as three years ago when we started investigating, huge deviations are not fixed, and at the same time, everybody who complains about it is kicked out.

It seems that ISKCON is drawing its inspiration from oppressive regimes like Saudi Arabia and China. Independent journalism is non-existent in ISKCON, they have only regime’s official website dandavats.com, everybody else who wants to write articles about deviations is immediately kicked out of ISKCON, or articles have to written anonymously.

Censorship and persecution are so prominent in ISKCON, that many members consider it normal and advised me to start writing anonymously. However, I never really understood this point. If I am writing the truth, why would I have to hide? All those who don’t like my articles are welcome to try to disprove them. Investigative Journalism should be allowed in ISKCON. However, 99% of ISKCON members don’t share my view. They think investigative journalism should not exist and things should remain hidden.

So-called “pure” devotees,  gurus and GBC members shouldn’t have anything to hide if they are really pure. But instead, they use almost all their time to propagate Gestapo ideals. Those Gestapo ideas come in the form of preaching such as “don’t criticize”, “don’t offend anyone”  and “you should forgive”. This preaching stems from mayavada philosophy. Mayavada philosophy claims that everything is one and everything is the same. So, sannyasi with a girlfriend is equally good as sannyasi without a girlfriend. A guru who plays ping pong is equally good as a guru who doesn’t play ping pong.

In such a deluded state, both so-called Gestapo “gurus” and their followers are kept in ignorance by the power of Maya.

Hypocrites as they are, they are trying to preach to the outside world, to materialists, but at the same time, nobody is allowed to preach about deviations happening within ISKCON itself. Such a diseased society will never be able to give real benefit to the people, rather, it has already become just another cheating religion like Christianity. What is the use of replacing one fake religion with another fake religion? What intelligent person would like to become a member of such a society?