How to recognise a Gestapo movement

How to recognise a Gestapo movement

Many times you can join a movement, but you don’t know it’s a Gestapo movement. Until many years later, when you get kicked out.

Today, we are analyzing the “ISKCON Law Book” to show you how a real Gestapo society looks like. We will compare ISKCON Gestapo organization to normal organization. If you didn’t know that you joined a Gestapo society, you have my condolences.

Word “Gestapo” in a historical context, signifies German secret police from the Second world war. In today’s context, Gestapo signifies a regime or organization that doesn’t allow it’s members to freely express their views, especially related to leadership.

A few examples

So, every organization has its rules, we can not live without rules. Anarchy doesn’t really work very well.

For example, in a normal organization, you will not be allowed to purposefully spread lies about organization’s leadership. You can express a different opinion, you can expose corruption, you can disagree, but you can’t spread lies. But, when we look at a Gestapo organization such as ISKCON, lies are not mentioned at all, truth is not mentioned at all, on the contrary, Gestapo organization uses completely different vocabulary. For example, let’s look at what a Gestapo society considers to be a misconduct: Misconduct and Indiscipline

1. Willful violation of GBC resolutions.
2. Vilification of ISKCON or the GBC Body or other ISKCON Authority
3. Misconduct in temple or spiritual community (physical assault except in self-defense, inappropriate dealings with opposite sex, abusive behavior to other devotees, and so on).
4. Habitually or knowingly making false charges and accusations or other consistent vaisnava-aparadhas.
5. Seriously interfering with the guru and disciple relationship with another devotee.

6. Duplicitous or untruthful dealings (lying to spiritual authorities, and other serious prevarication).
7. Acting irresponsibly in publicly expressing grievances rather than taking recourse to the prescribed process for settling grievances as per ISKCON Law.

So, point 2 is very interesting “Vilification of ISKCON or the GBC Body or other ISKCON Authority”. So, they don’t actually explain what is vilification. I mean, if you speak the truth, that can also be vilification. Whistleblowers are not protected at all. This is proof that ISKCON is a Gestapo society. Otherwise, they would add something like “Quoting Srila Prabhupada and speaking the truth can never be considered as a misconduct.”

Then, in point 4, they speak about false charges, but again failing to mention what happens to people who are speaking the truth and provide evidence, such as this website for example. Failure to mention such situations is a sure sign of a Gestapo society. Basically, those who make false charges and true charges end up in the same way.

Point 5 effectively prevents you from speaking the truth about cheater gurus, because that can be considered as interference.

Point 7 is also a very interesting one: “Acting irresponsibly in publicly expressing grievances”. Whistleblowers can be slammed by using this point. Any public expression of grievances can be called “irresponsible”. And thus, this point can be used to hide corruption and deviations.

But wait, there is more

In the article 8.4.5, we find point 1b:

b. The member is openly and flagrantly antagonistic to the GBC or other ISKCON authority.

Again, truth is not mentioned here, due process is not mentioned. For example, if the temple president’s son rapes your wife, and you start openly exposing him, you can be considered  “flagrantly antagonistic“.

But wait, there is more

This one is very interesting, and it is the pure Gestapo: “Offenses against unity” Offenses Against Unity of ISKCON and Guru-paramparā

A person in a position of spiritual authority guilty of creating or attempting to create a schism in ISKCON, for example by culpable destruction of faith in the initiating spiritual master, the guru-paramparā, or the GBC, incurs automatic suspension, the right to revoke being reserved to the GBC. If no rectification is forthcoming, other penalties may be added, including dismissal from spiritual authority and excommunication.

Again, they are not talking about deviants, they are not talking about what is right or wrong, they are talking about “destruction of faith”. For example, if ISKCON guru is pedophile, and you reveal this fact to his disciples, you will be excommunicated because you performed destruction of faith.

But wait, there is more

If you take initiation from Srila Prabhupada’s disciple who is not “approved” by the GBC, someone who is not willing to sign gag-order and enter into their corrupt system, this is what happens to you: Offense of Collaborating in Guru-paramparā Offenses

A person guilty of having recommended or encouraged a member or associate of ISKCON to accept any form of initiation outside of ISKCON or any further initiation or duplicate initiation from someone other than his bona fide ISKCON initiating spiritual master shall be corrected with a censure. If the guilty person is a spiritual authority, he shall incur automatic suspension; and if rectification is not forthcoming, then additional remedial measures may be adopted, including dismissal. If a spiritual authority has failed to discourage a member in his care from accepting re-initiation or renouncing his spiritual master, he shall be corrected with a suitable remedy.

This looks to be worse than the Holy Inquisition. 

But wait, there is more Envious Acts Against ISKCON

A person who uses a public speech, published writings, or other media of social communication to blaspheme, or to seriously damage the good faith of ISKCON members and associates, or who tries to stir up hatred or contempt against ISKCON or the GBC is to be corrected with a just remedial measure.

Against, no mention of truth and fallacy, there is no differentiation between deviation and absolute truth, everybody gets cut down. Instead of fact, truth and absolute truth, Gestapo movement will use terms as “blaspheme”, “damage faith”, “stir up hatred”, all these terms are very vague. Yea, if your guru is a pedophile, I should damage your faith. Sannyasi who travels with a young, unmarried female secretary should be blasphemed. We should stir up hatred against those who are killing Srila Prabhupada’s legacy.

But wait, there is more Stirring Up Hostilities against Spiritual Authorities

One who publicly stirs up hostilities or hatred among members against the GBC or its deputed representative, on account of some disliked spiritual directive , or one who incites members of ISKCON to disobey the GBC, incurs an automatic probation and is to be corrected by just remedial measures.

Again, no protection for people who are speaking about justice, truth, proper philosophy, only Gestapo terms which can mean anything. Someone who “stirs up hostilities” against mushroom eating guru will regret the day he was born. 🤣🤣🤣

Someone who “incites members of ISKCON to disobey Hridayananda das Goswami and inspires them to stop wearing jeans” is a very bad person. Such rules exist only in a Gestapo society.

Further reading

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So, Gestapo society will not ban those who are spreading lies, they will ban everybody who is speaking the truth. Whoever is exposing their corruption will be a target for retaliation.

Tell me just one thing, do you really believe that the above “law book” was produced by pure devotees? If pure devotees have such a Gestapo mentality then I don’t want to become a pure devotee any time soon.

Anybody who is pure devotee would certain never want to live in such a disgusting society and play by their twisted rules.

In addition to all these sick rules, corporate gurus will constantly give lectures about “Vaisnava aparadha” and “offenses toward devotees”. But they will never tell you what are the actual qualifications of a pure devotee. And of course, you should assume that “devotees” are corrupt Gestapo gurus of ISKCON. In other words, the whole point of the lectures given in a Gestapo society is to keep the status quo, so that corporate gurus can preach nonsense to ignorant public and extract money in that way. Once, they have extracted money, they can continue with their jet lifestyle of pseudo Krishna consciousness together with their retarded followers.


I know, I know, you don’t believe me that such sick organization could exist, and you probably mean that I imagined everything. Well, you can read Iskcon Law Book book yourself. I think that it should be called the “ISKCON Gestapo book”, that would be a much better title.