How to discuss with inquisitors after they burn your book

How to discuss with inquisitors after they burn your book

Why do we have secular states in western Europe and America and pretty much throughout the whole world?

Well, it’s because many societies already tried to have religious organisation deeply embedded in the state. And when the church and the state were merged together, well, the church became little playful, they were burning people, and torturing them in various ways, you know, the “Holy” inquisition.

So, after many people were killed for various reasons, for example some people were killed because they looked like witch, it was time to separate the state from the church, because, the church was like “too crazy”.

Ok, we don’t do that in ISKCON, we are more advanced than the Holy inquisition. Our main problem are not witches, our main problem are “fault-finders”. And you should not really torture fault-finders, therefore one of our esteemed leaders was doing some experiments 30 years ago. His line of thought was that if you can kill fault-finder, then fault-finder will become quiet and he will not criticise anymore. And you know what, it worked pretty well!!! 😀 😀 😀 After Radhanath baba arranged Sulocana to be killed, Sulocana really stopped criticising. This invention was so great, that Radhanath baba is in the top ISKCON leadership even today. He could be minister of “Ministry of defense (against fault-finders)”. Anyway, I already discussed this extensively in my review of the whole case, you can click here for details:

Review of book “Killing for Krishna” by Henry Doktorski

Well, there is a slight problem with killing people, usually the police comes, you know what is police? Those guys in blue who don’t understand why pure devotees should kill fault-finders. Once they start snooping arounds, things becomes difficult.

On the other hand, if we stop killing people, how are we going to fight against fault-finders? Well, we can ban books written by people who find faults in ISKCON. Yes, we can ban books. That sounds powerful. Like, if book quotes Prabhupada too much, we will ban it. You see, Prabhupada was fault-finding modern society all the time, so if you quote Prabhupada too much, you become fault-finder.

So, today, we are posting a discussion between “Holy” ISKCON inquisition who banned a book, and disciples of a guru who wrote the book.

Of course, there is no point in discussing things with the “Holy” ISKCON inquisition, but nevertheless, these 3 letters provide us with proper inquisition mindset, which will be required if you ever enter in ISKCON management.

And remember, burning books is fun.

Important points from the letters in the pdf

  • Prahladananda baba was caught lying again, this time he said “I am negotiating with Bhakti Vikasa Swami”, and Bhakti Vikasa Swami said “It’s news to me”.  😀 😀 😀
  • Although being very polite toward the Holy inquisition, Bhakti Vikasa Swami disciples didn’t achieve anything. Did you every hear that anybody accomplished anything by negotiating with the Holy inquisition?

Here are the three email within the pdf file, click to read: Holy_inquisition