How to defeat Radhanath baba’s nose pressing army

How to defeat Radhanath baba’s nose pressing army

We already published photos from Radhanath babas’s website in our previous article.

This morning, we received amazing quote on Facebook from one of my Facebook friends.

Madhudvisa: And in other Russian… But these countries are all under Communist rule. It is very difficult in those countries.
> Prabhupada: Not difficult. Nothing is difficult. For the time being it is difficult but in due course of time it will be very easy. Now who knew that in Europe and America or all over the world, Hare Krsna will go on? Bon Maharaja left the field; others left the field. You see? Other swamis came. They talked all nonsense, yoga, this and that, nose pressing, eyes pressing — all finished. Now Hare Krsna is going on. Now people, the nose-presser and eyes-presser, they are no more important. Is it not? Eh? Now our men go and challenge these rascals. And in New York they did it, huh?
> Devotee: Yes.
> Prabhupada: And they are afraid of our troops. (laughter) They are afraid.
> Madhudvisa: One of those nose-pressers, he once was speaking, and he said, “These Hare Krsna people, they like me very much. They always come to my lectures and they sell all the books, all their books, and then they go away before I start to talk.”
> Prabhupada: “You go on pressing your nose. We make our business and go away.” (laughter)
> Madhudvisa: He was speaking like that because our men go into the lecture dressed in disguise, plain clothes, and we are going in the audience selling books to everyone. They all get the book, and then, when he begins to speak, then we all turn around and go out.
> Prabhupada: Yes, they did it in the Guru Maharaji’s camp also. Hundreds of Bhagavad-gita As It Is sold.
> Satsvarupa: Thousands.
> Prabhupada: Thousands. So we take advantage of this meeting. We do our business and go away. And they have no books. They have simply that pressing of nose, that’s all, nothing else. They have no philosophy, nothing of the sort. What they will write? They have no philosophy. Simply cheat that “Press your nose; you get Bhagavan.” That’s all. And people think, “It is so easy. Why shall I go to Bhaktivedanta Swami? Let me go to this Guru Maharaja.” They think like that. And some of our men, feeling too much pressure, they go away. But here there is nothing cheap, that simply by pressing nose and eyes and you become God. Don’t make compromise. This principle must be observed. Then you’ll remain strong. As soon as you make compromise, then it is finished. Drdha-vratah. Find out this verse. Drdha-vratah. What is that? Bhajante mam drdha-vratah. Namasyantas ca mam…
> Caru: Bhajante mam drdha-vratah.
> Prabhupada: Ah, ah. That drdha-vratah must be there, strong determination. Then it will go on. The scientists will come to learn and the psychiatrists will come to learn if you keep drdha-vratah. And as soon as you make compromise, then nobody will care for.” (Room Conversation with Devotees — July 2, 1974, Melbourne)



As you can see, Prabhupada wanted us to “challenge these rascals”, but I don’t see in ISKCON many brave Prabhupada’s followers who are publicly challenging this nonsense. You think you will earn Prabhupada’s mercy by hiding under your wife’s sari? Oh, yea, I forgot, we must be “humble”. Radhanath baba nose presser is “senior, pure devotee” 😀 😀 and we should “be humble” and let him convert Prabhupada’s society into nose pressing society.

And all the senior members of ISKCON, who are supposed to protect ISKCON against deviants such as Radhanath baba, they are writing papers and articles about Astasakhi lila. 😀 😀 😀

Well, when any of Krishna’s confidential gopis come to this material world, they blast mayavadis and nose-pressers so badly that they constantly live in fear. One of such gopis was Bhaktisiddhanatha Sarasvati.

So, whoever thinks that they will earn their entrance into spiritual world by staying silent, while Sacinandana baba and his girlfriend are misleading people, while Radhanath baba is making money by telling people to press their nose,  I have to tell you, you will never get Prabhupada’s mercy by staying silent while his movement is being destroyed. As Prabhupada said in this quote, “As soon as you make compromise, then it is finished.” And that is exactly what is happening to ISKCON.