Mobile phone horror in Sivarama Swami’s marble castle

Mobile phone horror in Sivarama Swami’s marble castle

After I published my video Plidenta Swami, I got another email. This message is very interesting since it proves that luxurious sannyasis are deeply aware that they are doing something wrong and therefore they are trying to hide themselves from public eye.

They want to prevent other devotees from entering into marble apartment lila because they are afraid that many devotees will not be able to understand this lila and they could possibly make offenses.

This is third independent confimation that something very wrong is happening in Rasamrta Kunj’s Talavana building.

Additional check was done to see if russian devotee named Gauranga is present in the Rasamrta Kunj premises.

First email

Hare Krsna
Dear Sir

After watching your latest exposure , I wish to inform you of my knowledge of Rasamrita Kunj .

I made an unscheduled visit to this project a few months ago , I was visiting a nearby complex anyways so…Anyhow after talking to security they put me onto the “in charge” who was initially a little agressive & hostile , it was a Saturday morning but he soon calmed down.

I viewed several apartments and queried prices etc I was informed foreigners can Not exactly buy but, thing is a “Club membership” arrangement is the way they are circumventing this, so i was told ..hmmm.

I was shown the apartment used by Sivarama swami , as i entered my mobile beeped a text , the Russian devotee Gauranga immediately boomed NO PHOTOS . I reassured him that i was just checking my message ! And with that I continued my viewing of this most magnificiently appointed & opulent white marbled luxury facility .

It is somewhat sobering that only a short distance from this facility the locals will queue up at a water stand pipe so they can wash & cook .Thats life !

Continue this exposure and if I can be of some assistance then I will. Good luck.


My reply

When that happened? At what date were you able to enter Sivarama Swami’s apartment?

Second email

Yes i can confirm it was June this year . As i described in contrast to the other apartments viewed , the “swamis” apartment was an opulent specification in a white onyx looking marble. It was unoccupied naturally, but strictly NO PHOTOS allowed , the other For sale apartments I was “permitted” to photo.

As you suggest these projects will not work , the mood there in spite of the materially opulent surroundings was Not for me.


“Don’t take photos” That is really a way to keep secret in 21st century when everybody has mobile phone.

For God’s sake, there are devotees living around that building. They really think they could keep marble apartments as secret?


I am offering 50 USD reward to first person who takes photographs of Sivarama Swami’s marble apartment in Talavana building in Rasamrta Kunj.


  • Photos should be at least 1280 width.
  • You must make at least 3 photos.
  • I need photo of Sivarama “Swami’s” marble bed.
  • Money is payable through paypal.
  • My contacts from Mayapur who visited that apartment must confirm that photos are genuine.