Prahladananada Swami introduces Holy women hunter festival

Prahladananada Swami introduces Holy women hunter festival

UPDATE 10 Mar 2018: Tarana Caitanya complained about this article, claiming that drug dealer accusation is not correct and he supplied testimony by his friend Yamuna Jivana:

Hare Krishna dear Tarana ji.
I reviewed email on this subject, everything that is mentioned there is that because of your past occasional entries into the old world it was risky for you to be lecturer or bhajan/kirtan leader on open programs in the temple. There is no mention of some illegal or off-4-th-principle activities in the temple, but only off-principle activities outside of the temple.

From my memory, there was no any off-principle activities in the temple itself.

So, the issue was in occasional intake of intoxicant substances (probably smoking grass or whatever) outside of the temple, because of some bad association. That is all.

Nothing else.

Hanuman is known story-creator. Let God help him. If you ask me, as soon as possible.

Dear Tarana, if I can help you in any other way, I am at your service.

Since my initial witness wished to remain anonymous, and Yamuna Jivana claims the opposite, all drug dealer references are removed from this article.

ISKCON is at crossroads, he have to invent something new to stay relevant. 2 years ago, this movement almost got destroyed by old fashioned preaching techniques, but Hridayananda das Goswami saved it when he started playing ping pong with girls. He also introduced Krishna jeans movement, which claims that we can successfully preach only if we are dressed as the people who we preach to. After few devotees accepted this proposal, Krishna jeans movement spread like wildfire and currently has over 100 000 members worldwide. And everybody is wearing jeans.

But now, Prahladananada Swami decided to take things a step further, he introduced, new movement, called Krishna woman hunter.

Here is a screenshot of facebook page for the upcoming festival in Croatia, Prahladananda Swami’s GBC “zone”:

As you can see, festival is organized on ISKCON premises. Let’s look at holy guests list:

Ok, we have one Swami that promotes books written by devotee killers, let’s ignore that.

So, how to introduce Krishna women hunter movement? It’s simple, you invite women hunter to be the lead singer. That will probably work.

If you can’t guess which one of the honorable guests is woman hunter, this biography can help you.

I did some background checking and this biography is unfortunately correct.

History repeats itself

This is not the first time this kind of disgrace to Prabhupada happened, ISKCON Zagreb is already famous for it’s women hunter main preacher. Women hunter preacher in his third marriage who travels with 20-year old girls is still active preacher in ISKCON Croatia.

My letter to Prahladananda Swami

He never replies, so all my emails are rhetorical, but let’s make sure he is introduced to this problem.

UPDATE: Text of this email is changed, see above update from 10th March

Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2017 09:01:52 +0000
Subject: Krishna women hunter movement
From: Hanuman das
To: "" <>

Dear Prahladananda Swami,

please accept my not so humble obeisances.

All glories to Sacinandana baba, only ISKCON sannyasi who travels with a girlfriend.

I know that you don’t negotiate with terrorists and people who believe that Sacinandana baba travels with his girlfriend, but I am writing to you anyway. When my story goes viral, and people start sending you emails, I don’t want to you to play “I didn’t know” card.

I am putting up a new article about your new movement, “Krishna women hunter” that movement could change the world.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, please visit: , article is called “Prahladananada Swami introduces Holly women hunter festival”. It talks about women hunter who will be a guest of honor at your temple in 4 days.

What can I say maharaj, you are so merciful, I’ve seen a lot in ISKCON, but you are surpassing everybody by the amount of mercy. Actually, people are already joining this movement, my friend, the butcher, would also like to sign bhajans at the upcoming women hunter festival, is it ok that he sings a few bhajans?

Oh yea, I almost forgot, you told me last year that I have to apologize to Sacinandana baba and his girlfriend because all my allegations were checked by you and proved to be false. Well, guess what, baba was caught again with his girlfriend in New York few days ago, you can see the video here: and now I demand an apology. Either that, or we need a new sannyasi minister. I have one candidate, he smiles a lot, has great understanding of sannyasi standards, and I would like to officially nominate him as your replacement. His name is Donald Duck, I am sure you’ve heard about him, he would be an excellent sannyasi minister, I am sure he wouldn’t allow sannyasis to travel with girlfriends.

Anyway, all the best with women hunter festival, I am sure it will be fun,

ys Hanuman das


Thanks for your attention, stay safe, and don’t forget to never criticize woman hunters, they are also “devotees”. :joy: