His Gestapo Holiness explains how to have a happy life

His Gestapo Holiness explains how to have a happy life

Attention ISKCON sheep, the “maharaja” is speaking up.

Maharaja starts will explaining that “Calamities can not be avoided“, and I agree. But he kinda misses the main calamity. Sure, corona virus is a calamity, which will go away in a few months. But one of the greatest calamities for Srila Prabhupada’s followers is a Gestapo society created by ISKCON leadership. Where members of the movement constantly live in fear of being kicked out of the movement if they protest against all the nonsense done by pure Gestapo devotees.

For example, this particular gentleman had a female secretary as a sannyasi. And anybody who speaks against this nonsense publicly will be kicked out of the movement. That is a major calamity. Here is the article.

Open letter to Gopal Krishna Goswami

“Maharaja” continues: “We are young, we have money, we have a busy social life, we say: Where is the misery? This propaganda from the spiritualists. Spiritualists have nothing to do than create fear in our hearts.” – He is right, and the greatest experts in creating fear in the hearts of their followers are  ISKCON’s Gestapo masters, who are kicking out of the movement everybody who raises their voice against their nonsense. They also have money and busy social life where everybody is worshipping them, and they ask themselves: Where is the misery in kicking out of the movement everybody who disagrees with my nonsense? This particular gentleman, who makes sarcastic remarks on how spiritualists create fear in our hearts, created a fear in the hearts of many when he kicked out two preachers from the movement without any explanation. Here is the full article:

ISKCON introduces hypocrite Gestapo masters

ISKCON guru and GBC continues to say that we need to “Chant the names of the Lord” but this is only a marketing trick. According to the GBC mafia, chanting the names of the Lord can bring results only if you take the initiation to chant the Holy name properly. And only people who can give you initiation are Licenced by the GBC. So that corporation can keep all the money. So, accepting initiation from administratively approved puppy guru is the only way to chant Hare Krishna properly.

Next, pure devotee continues that we must “Follow instructions in the scripture“. But, although he wants to inspire others to follow scripture, he himself is not following the scripture. Where in the scripture do we find instruction to implement corporately approved puppy gurus who must sign gag order? Nowhere. This is their imagined theology and the purpose of this theology is to centralize money and power in the corrupt regime who persecutes anybody who speaks the truth.

In the end, the Gestapo officer wishes us to have a happy, peaceful life. And we can have happy and peaceful life as long as we are brainless, once we start “seeing things”, once we start thinking that sannyasis having girlfriends might not be ok, then ISKCON Gestapo will start persecutions, and we will not have a peaceful life.

I tried to have a happy, peaceful life, by getting a reply from this sannyasi why he has a female assistant although he is a sannyasi. But I never received a reply. And now, I can not have a peaceful life. I am always worried why we have turned Srila Prabhupada’s movement into sahajiya Gestapo circus.