The true heroes of ISKCON

The true heroes of ISKCON

New video this week talks about the people behind every documentary on my side. Devotees who provided the evidence are Prabhupada’s men who care about his movement and don’t want it to see degrade into deplorable sahajiya condition.

Radhanath Swami’s Ramesh propaganda

This is one of the letters which Radhanath Swami’s followers push to newcomers, who still don’t know the difference between sahajiya and genuine devotees.

Got this message from a Radhnath maharaj disciple..

Today Ramesh Babaji maharaj came at 4.15 pm to our yajna venue and first underwent dental treatment and then came down to address all the 400 camp volunteers.

While offering the rose garland to him , i said ,”this is from Radhanath Swami”. He replied, ” what should I offer in return , to him?” I said ,” you can offer your love.” He laughed and said ,”I offer my dandavat to him in return” Everyone applauded at this point.

In his lecture he said …………

” Brajawasis are the topmost charitable people. Their generosity is amazing. They will feed the sadhus inspite of not having any food for themselves. I have been the recepient of their charity rotis. Thousands of sadhus stay in this brajabhumi and they are maintained by these poor brajawasis whose hearts are very rich and opulent. Radhanath was taught how to do madhukari by Sakhisharan baba.

Before coming to Braj , i have travelled to many holy places but i could not see any place better than Braj. Braj is the best of all places. By staying here one gets Krishna prem , the goal of human life. Kaliyuga is stealing everything good and spiritual, from all of us but still in such a bad condition of kaliyuga, Brajabhumi will give us Krishna prem , this is what Krishna Himself said. Come and taste the association of the generous hearted brajawasis.

When Krishna appointed many officials to create and expand the Universe, it was not progressing. So Krishna realized that , only due to pride and lack of humility , the universe is not expanding. So He entered in each one of them to empower them. As soon He enetered in their being, their pride was lost, they became united and humble. As soon as they united and became humble , the universe expanded. So we need to be free from pride and become humble, then only we will grow. Pride will destroy all of us .I have seen such humility in all of you. All kinds of people from all kinds of sampradayas & institutions, come to Maanmandir to meet me and I have observed all of them very closely. I have found your group as the best group in ettiquettes and culture and in “bhava” of service. Consistently I have noticed your seva bhava. I am very pleased to see your bhava. When you address everyone as Prabhuji, I feel very happy. ( I am not just flattering you but i am telling this from my heart ). All this is because of training given by Radhanath Swami to all of you. He was like a small boy when he came here. And now his tree has become so widespread and vast, to serve millions of people from everywhere in the world , so much so that I have also come under the shade of his tree ( I also took benefit of dental treatment for myself ). This is the glory of Sadhu sanga . You all have been benefitted by sanga of Radhanath Swami , so you all have culture of good ettiquettes and seva bhava and due to that so many brajawasis are getting benefitted including myself.

Radhe Radhe

Awesome answer to Ramesh propaganda


Story related above is not philosophy of Srila Prabhupada. Since Radhanath Swami is building hospitals and making eye camps, he doesn’t have any idea what is devotional service. And Ramesh baba doesn’t have it either.

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