Heavenly gardens of the Lost village

Heavenly gardens of the Lost village

I received a rebuttal to my last article about ISKCON Aravade.

A devotee who is currently residing in this temple contacted and claimed that two things are wrong in my article Lost donations in the lost village. First thing is that ISKCON Aravade has only 5 acres of land instead of 14. And the second claim is that they are actually growing vegetables.

I requested him to send me the photos of the garden which he did. I am publishing both his letter and his photos.


Date: Fri, 1 May 2020 09:59 +0530
From: “Gaura Krishna (das) LOK (India)” <Gaura.Krishna.LOK@pamho.net>
To: Hanuman das <hanuman.das@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: (no subject)

Hare Krishna dear Hanuman prabhu
Please accept my himble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

I will send you photos of both the vegetable garden which is within the
temple premisses and also from the land outside where they grow cow grass.

I was serving here as temple president for 3 years from the time of the
opening in 2009 to 2012 and I am at the moment in Aravade due to the lock
down here in India. I have been living in India for the past 15 years.

Aravade was never thought of to be a farm community but was from the start
concieved as a temple in a rural area. Therefore it has been a struggle to
get hold of land as it is quite expensive for a temple without the normal
sources of monetary income due to its location. But now they have 5 acres
and most of that is under irrigation which means that it can be cultivated
2-3 times a year contrary to un-irrigated land which can only be cultivated
in the rainy season.

So at the moment the temple is not able to grow all the cow food that the
cows eat so therefore expenses are there for their food and for many other
things also like medicin for them and the fee of the veterinarian doctor who
is connected here.

Many more things can be said about the financial situation and I agree with
you that we should be self sufficient to a higher degree then at present but
it is a slow and hard road to traverse as there as so many other services to
handle also.

Regarding the lazy brahmacaris I will say that they all do standard sadhana
everyday from 4-30 am to 9 am and then most of them on top of that have
around 5 hours of practical service daily including preaching. Some a little
more some a little less. Some are elderly.

The marriage hall is actually an emminent way to distribute Srila
Prabhupadas boooks to the guests and to give them prasadam and on top it
generates income for the temple.

My bottom line remark to you article is that I felt that it was incorrect in
several regards and also offensive to the devotees here who are actully
sincerely trying to serve Prabhupada and advance in Krishna Consciousness.
There might be coruption and money hording going on in ISKCON but to
generalize without actually knowing the situation is not proper. Therefore
my response. Truth is truth and should not be downtrotten.

The prabhus here can off course always improve and they have faults and make
mistakes but they are not here to eat and sleep and just misuse peoples
donations I can give you my word on that.

Anyway you tell me how you want me to proceed on giving my comment to your

I will send this letter now and the forward you the photos later today or

All the best

Hare Krishna

Your servant

Gaura Krishna das

Photos of the garden


So, this guy provided photos, he also wrote to me under his email using pamho address. I don’t have the reason to doubt his good intentions.

So, it looks like I was misinformed by the devotee who provided the information for the initial article. I will have to have a serious chat with him.