“Guru approvers” approve belly dancers

“Guru approvers” approve belly dancers

This is another article about pure devotees from the GBC body. Actually, these devotees are super-duper pure, because they are actually approving the purest of the pure, ISKCON gurus.

One of those pure “guru approvers” is Tamohara das, he is also GBC for Hawaii. To be GBC for a certain country means that you are actually taking care that proper standards are followed in that particular temple.

Now we will see a clip from ISKCON Hawaii temple:

You can see the original video on the facebook profile of the belly dancer herself.

And this is not the first time she did this. There is more, she did it in another ISKCON temple:

The divinity

So, when GBC body member approves something, you have to accept it if you are a proper ISKCON member. If you doubt Tamohara das, you are an offender. Because Tamohara dasa is a GBC member, therefore everything that Tamohara approves is bonafide. All the gurus that Tamohara approves are bonafide. And all the belly dancers that Tamohara approves are also bonafide.

Few additional points for offenders

If you are doubting Tamohara and his belly dancer preaching strategy, that means you developed some intelligence. People often tell me not to “criticize senior devotees”. Well, look at two above videos again and you will understand what happens when you don’t “criticise senior devotees”. You end up watching belly dancers. 😀 😀

If we have any love for Srila Prabhupada, our duty is to challenge cheaters from the GBC body who are traitors of Srila Prabhupada legacy.