Grounded head of the Gestapo instructs us to associate on the Internet

Grounded head of the Gestapo instructs us to associate on the Internet

I will give a few comments on the newest instructions from the Gestapo body commission.

Swami first introduces himself. Ahm, he is the chairman of the Gestapo body commission. He is also GBC for New Zealand feud, a land ruled by Bauls and Sahajiyas who dance with women:

New Zealand Bauls and Indradyumna’s passionate circus

Then, he says: “GBC Executive committee wishes you well“. Well, thanks, for a moment there, I thought that I will be kicked out of the movement if I criticize Ramai Swami and his Gestapo presentation. Wait a minute, I was already kicked out of the movement when I criticized Sacinadana Swami and his girlfriend. Well, the Executive committee didn’t wish me well when I asked them for help, they ignored me and told me I filled up the wrong form. 🤣🤣🤣 Only pure devotees can be so caring.

Then, head of the Gestapo body commission starts preaching Gestapo ideology, he says: “Our spiritual well being is dependent on congregation hearing and chanting. This is Lord Caitanya’s mercy“. 🤣🤣🤣 Now, when Gestapo acarya mentions congregation chanting, he is actually meaning ISKCON congregation chanting. It is not really possible to be Krishna conscious outside of ISKCON. 🤣🤣🤣 If you are a beautiful young woman, for you, congregation chanting means that you must be led by Indradyumna baba and dance prominently throughout the cities. And of course, we will put some men at the back, because somebody needs to play the instruments.

And for other places, when Indradyumna baba is not present, congregation chanting is performed by BB King, rock star renunciant with two luxury apartments. Don’t laugh, your spiritual well being is dependent on ISKCON congregational chanting.

But, many ISKCON people still don’t have access either to Indradyumna baba’s dancing girls circus, neither to BB King rock star renunciant, but don’t worry, you are still covered, Madhava Naidooo has your back. Actually, the most popular article on my website was not written by me, and it describes ISKCON’s annoying kirtaniya culture:

ISKCON’s big, annoying, un-bonafide rockstar kirtaniya culture

Gestapo master continues: “For many devotees, this is a time of great difficulty, especially those who are isolated and alone in their homes without association. Not having an association of fellow devotees is a painful situation“.

Well, this is interesting, he is worried about isolated devotees during the corona outbreak, but he is not worried about isolated Srila Prabhupada disciples who were banned from the movement because they didn’t accept zonal acarya circus. And banning people who have a different opinion continues to this very day, it is enough to examine censorship topic on my website, and you will see that ISKCON Gestapo organization is completely merciless. They actually embedded their Gestapo rules in their ISKCON Lawbook.

Gestapo acarya continues: “Please create phone and internet groups, have daily readings together, create phone-in japa sessions, distribute pictures of the Deities and stay in touch” Well this Gestapo officer is not well trained, he is pretty new to the post. I would like to add there that the Internet is evil, make sure that all the internet groups you participate in are censored by GBC officials. Like Mayapur forum. Never discuss murder of ISKCON’s first whistleblower Sulocana das by pure devotee Kirtanananda and Radhanath baba, never go to envious websites like, just distribute pictures of Deities and chant together, never discuss actual issues and deviations that are happening in ISKCON. You will be banned. Like all others before you were banned.

Gestapo acarya concludes “Being devotees, we are fully aware of cause and effect of such demoniac activities.” But Gestapo acarya is only mentioned demoniac activities outside of ISKCON. He is not mentioning that preventing freedom of speech is also demoniac activity, preventing devotees from fighting sannyasi with girlfriend Sacinandana baba is also demoniac. Gurus who are silent about all the deviations are also demoniac. Temple presidents with fat salaries are also demoniac, mayavadi preaching of Radhanath baba is also demoniac, changing books after the author died is also demoniac. Preventing Srila Prabhupada’s disciples from initiating people just because they are not willing to sign gag order is also demoniac. And so on. This Gestapo master has an idea that ISKCON members are suffering because of the sinful activities of materialists, but I would like to add that ISKCON members are suffering because of the sinful activities of their leaders. If you follow a crooked person, you will get bad karma for such behavior.