Please don’t miss Balkans baba (humor)

Please don’t miss Balkans baba (humor)

ISKCON’s most famous baba is coming to Balkans again and participating in Fruska Goranga summer camp.

Don’t miss opportunity to meet guru who sleeps till 7 AM, and you can sleep too if you take initiation from him. He is only ISKCON sannyasi who travels around the world with his female secretary, and therefore you can also associate with many pretty girls without limit. Baba is also expert for Ramesh lila.


As you can see, baba is advertised on the homepage of Croatian ISKCON website:

I mean if he is advertised there, that must mean he is bonafide. Only problem is that Prabhupada in the top left corner looks like he is telling a joke about Ramesh baba’s gopis. And Caitanya Mahaprabhu on the right side is joyfully dancing because he was genuine sannyasi who was not traveling with girls. But it doesn’t matter, baba is so transcendental that Prabhupada and Caitanya Mahaprabhu can’t keep up with him.


Good news

As you can see, baba wrote personal invitation to everybody to come and obtain Ramesh prema, and this will hopefully be the be last sahajiya camp in Serbia, baba gives explanation:

We have heard from reliable sources that this might well be the last time we will have the Goranga Camp in this old location because the Serbian government has finally organised funds and plan to turn this place into a resort. That will require years of tearing down the old structure and building new and bigger facilities in their place.

Very nice. Sahajiyas will now have to look for another place to have camp where everybody sleeps till 7 AM and where there is no mangala-arati. I am sure Krishna and Prabhupada will help them to find new place and to have sleepy summer camp there.

I don’t have anything personally against baba and his nonsense, except that he is doing his nonsense in Prabhupada’s movement and his followers are persecuting anybody who doesn’t agree with baba’s nonsense. As Prabhupada follower, I am not obliged to stay quiet about Ramesh baba nonsense. And the nonsense you can see here: