I almost got converted to “Radharani’s gopi”

I almost got converted to “Radharani’s gopi”

ISKCON is deeply permeated with sahajiyas. In just last 3 days, I witnessed 3 accounts of sahajiya philosophy being proliferated in ISKCON. When I made video about Sacinandana baba and Ramesh baba two years ago, nobody cared to join the revolution, now it might be too late:

Radharani’s servant

First, an elderly lady sahajiya from Split, Croatia (disciple of Sacinandana baba) asked me to “stop sending her my posts” as if she doesn’t know how Facebook works:

Basically, she is saying “Please don’t send me your articles. I don’t have time to have fun with that. I like to listen more about Radharani and I wish you the same. Life is very short” and at the end she says “Jay Sri Radhe!”

My question is: Where did Prabhupada go? When I joined ISKCON, we were all servants of Prabhupada and his mission, and were greeting each other with “Hare Krishna”. If Srila Prabhupada wants to introduce us to Krishna and Radharani, that is his good will.

But, now all of the sudden, we are interested in listening about Radharani instead of reading Srila Prabhupada’s books. Listening from who? To understand this mystery, you have to look at the video in first article that I published on this website, how Sacinandana baba talks about Radharani with Ramesh baba, Vrindavan’s most famous sahajiya. This is the seed of poision which is spreading in ISKCON:

Initial salvo

Fake Krishna dances with fake gopis in Frank Sinatra style

Second event in the last few days is that I posted very strange video on facebook:

If you look at the comments here, you can see that many people don’t understand what is wrong with this video. And I am not gonna repeat myself.

Devotee from US tries to convert me to Radharani’s gopi

Gaudiya math people and sahajiyas are always very sneaky, they start with questions “Did you realise your eternal spiritual identity?” and when you say you didn’t then they start implying that there is something wrong with your process and that something is wrong with process which Srila Prabhupada gave us, that he “didn’t give us everything” and because of that we have to switch to following Gaudiya math mosquito gurus. Here is a discussing from yesterday evening. I don’t know if this devotee is confused, or he was testing me, because he is a devotee in good standing in ISKCON and disciple of an ISKCON guru:

B das: So how realized are you?
Do you know your eternal identity?
I’m Vraja?
It’s a honest question

Hanuman das: So, basically, gopis are very tough.
Only gopi I know is Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati.
So, so I have no idea what is my eternal identity.
That is on the level of being liberated.

B das: Ok, so then why are you so sure that your spiritual practice is working properly?
In relation to Prabhupada teachings?
Where is the magic juice?

Hanuman das: I find Prabhupāda’s books and teachings very interesting.
Life changing so to say.

B das: Ok

Hanuman das: So, Prabhupāda gave us higher life, I don’t really understand your question.

B das: My question is how do you know you have Prabhupada’s magic juice if you don’t understand your spiritual relationship to krishna?
Prabhupada’s teaching are magic.
So why not magic result so far?

Hanuman das: Magic result is that although born in the West, we no longer eat meat, we don’t drink alcohol.

B das: Even deer are like that

Hanuman das: And we are no longer living in illusion.

B das: But you said it yourself
You are not at liberates platform
Therefore you are still in illusion
As am I
Isn’t it?

Hanuman das: Prabhupāda gave us such amazing knowledge, I don’t think we are in illusion.

B das: If we aren’t liberated than we are certainly in illusion

Hanuman das: People who don’t read Prabhupāda’s books are i in illusion.

B das: No illusion means seeing krishna and interacting with him in our spiritual form
Isn’t it?

Hanuman das: Prabhupada said that our activities create our future life.

B das: Future life means now also

Hanuman das: Like air takes smell of the rose.
So, if we serve Krishna, we are preparing our future life in this way.

B das: But you aren’t serving krishna
Unless you have a spirituallly idealized form
Isn’t it?

Hanuman das: Are you associating with Gaudiya Math people?

B das: I am just asking questions
If you don’t want to answer them, it’s ok. Of course you don’t have too

Hanuman das: You are starting to annoy me.

B das: By my questions?

Hanuman das: So, we can end our conversation by saying that my spiritually idealized form is chanting Hare Krishna, and reading Srila Prabhupāda’s books.

B das: Alright

Hanuman das: And I am not looking for anything better than that.

B das: Ok

Hanuman das: This is much more than I deserved.

B das: So you want to pass nasty stool and bleed in spiritual world?

Hanuman das: Yea, I want to bleed for Prabhupāda and avoid stool like sahajiyas who want to jump prematurely into Goloka.

B das: Haha

Hanuman das: Oh yea.
And mosquito gurus from Gaudiya Math will surely not be the ones who will give me my siddha deha.
Prabhupāda all the way.

B das: Well if you only want to serve in this material body then you will have a tough time associating with Krsna while passing stool bleeding and dying
Of course why not Prabhupada

Hanuman das: Associating with Krishna?
I am after Prabhupāda, I want to serve him.
I don’t have any idea who is Krishna.

B das: Ok
Do you have any idea who is Prabhupada?
What he looks like in Goloka?

Hanuman das: Prabhupāda can give me Krishna if he wants.

B das: What he does there?

Hanuman das: Serve now, samadhi later.

B das: Well then sorry, but I don’t understand how you can say you know Prabhupada
Or serve him
Partially maybe
But not fully
With the logic you just presented

Hanuman das: Fully serving Prabhupāda, that’s something.
I am just on the beginning levels of Devotional service.
I only realized that sannyasis can’t have girlfriends, that is not very high level.

B das: Ok
Sounds good

Hanuman das: And I realized that we will not convert millions of people by wearing jeans.
And I realized that Caitanya Mahaprabhu didn’t eat mushrooms.
I am actually doing pretty good.
I have realisations which even many iskcon gurus don’t have.

B das: Haha ok