Girlfriend’s friend confirms divine female secretary tattva

Girlfriend’s friend confirms divine female secretary tattva

If I say that Sacinandana baba travels around the world for 10 years with his girlfriend, devotees are suspicious. Even if I provide videos, still, youtube might be the devil, and Sacinandana baba might still be a pure devotee. I am envious, so whatever I say is not true, and Sacinandana baba is always right, because he is guru on the guru list, he is pure devotee. That fact is confirmed by other pure devotees who also have female secretaries.

However, as in other types of evidence I provide, it is not that I am saying that Bhanu-nandini is long time servant of Sacinandana baba, her friend is saying it as you can see above image.

So, Sangitushka says:

А знаете кто такая Бхану Нандини? Это слуга Шачинандана Свами Махараджа. Она служит Ему много лет… Она делает такие проекты, что многим и не снилось… > Мне точно! А главное, она очень дорога Господу! И вот такая я тут…
Я взмолилась Кришне. Просила о милости. Чтобы помог справиться с умом и эгоизмом…
И что вы думаете? Бхану-Нандини выходит из дома снять белье с сушилки и вдруг зовёт меня.

Let’s translate that with yandex:

Do you know who this Bhanu Nandini? A servant you are sacinandana Swami Maharaj. She serves Him for many years… She does such projects, and many never dreamed of… I’m sure! And most importantly, she’s very precious to the Lord. And I’m here…
I prayed to Krishna. Asked for mercy. To help us cope with the mind and ego.
And what do you think? Bhanu-Nandini comes out of the house to remove clothes from the dryer and suddenly calling out to me.

Removing clothes from the dryer? Whose clothes? Sacinandana baba’s clothes? Is he close by? Is he living in Vrindavan with his beloved secretary? I hope sangitushka will not be banned from her local temple like me because she said that Bhanu nandini is serving Maharaja for many years. I mean, I am saying the same thing and I was banned because of this.

Then sangitusha continues to explain the event:

Стоит Шачинандана Свами Махарадж! Сангита, говорит, как я рад тебя видеть!!! А вместе с Бхану-Нандини ещё больше рад!!! Вы дружите???
Да, Махарадж. Мои уши густо покраснели.
А дальше, дальше Махарадж залил меня милостью. Мы говорили о Враджамандала парикраме. Он с интересом слушал мои реализации, задавал вопросы… А после мы на мотике поехали с Бхану на Радха-Кунду. И она провела для меня незабываемую парикраму вокруг Радха-Кунды! Это было волшебно! Вечерняя Радха-Кунда, арати… наша с ней пуджа… Так это было глубоко и сокровенно. Бхану провела меня по любимым храмам. На втором фото Господь Чайтанья с Нитьянандой в необычной форме. Часто Они танцуют в киртане, и Их руки подняты вверх. А здесь протянуты в мудре дающих милость. Словно говорят: Берите, берите сколько унесёте!!! Милость, она же безгранична!

Automated translation by yandex:

Should You Are Sacinandana Swami Maharaj! Sangita says how glad I am to see you!!! And along with Bhanu-Nandini even more happy!!! Are you two friends???
Yes, Maharaj. My ears blushed.
And then, on Maharaj has filled me with grace. We talked about Vrajamandala the parikrama. He listened with interest to my realization, asked questions… And then we go on the bike to go with Bhanu at rādhā-kuṇḍa. And she gave me an unforgettable parikrama of Radha-Kunda! It was magical! Evening Radha-Kunda, the arati… our Puja… So it was deep and intimate. Bhanu took me to their favorite temples. In the second photo the Lord Nityānanda in an unusual form. Often They dance in kirtana, and Their hands raised up. But here is extended in the mudra of giving grace. As if to say: take it, Take it as you will take!!! Mercy, she is boundless!

Mercy is truly boundless, yet another proof that baba is living with Bhanu Nandini and fills everybody with grace, not only Bhanu Nandini but other girls also. Bhanu is doing his laundry like a real wife and they are happily advancing together is spiritual life. Real sannyasa standards are nothing but a bad dream for Sacinandana baba.


  • Tusta Ji Dass

    It’s a Disney tale of romance where there are forbidden rules in terms of them getting together… it’s DENIAL all over. He should admit his itch and be an honest man and marry her and fly off into the sunset. (With Disney style music) on a pushpavimana.

  • Makhana Cora

    Hanuman Das, do you realize nobody really cares? We all know that ISKCON will only saved by an Acharya and with Krishna’s mercy. All we can do is chant our 16 rounds on a daily basis and read spiritual books.

    • Hrvoje Marjanovic

      Some people care, some people don’t want to be cheated. My website is for them.

      Majority of ISKCON people like their fake gurus, and don’t mind being cheated. My website is not for them.

      • Makhana Cora

        But, tell me, do complete your 16 rounds before sunrise everyday?

        • Hrvoje Marjanovic

          If I don’t complete 16 rounds before sunrise, that makes me unqualified to publish articles about sannyasis with female secretaries, is that your point?

          Why don’t you ask Sacinandana baba who sleeps till 7 AM if he completes his rounds before sunrise. He even doesn’t even get up before sunrise. And since he is ISKCON “guru”, and I am not, unless you are completely hypocritical, you should ask him that question first.

          And please let me know what did he reply.

          • Makhana Cora

            Relax my friend. I am not trying to argue with you and I am sorry if I upset you.

            You are doing good work, there is no doubt of that. Many will benefit, among whom most you will never know.

            I’m simply pointing out that there is so much more to life. Plus, disciples of these rascals (Radhanatha, Sacinanda, or Hridayananda [like Cyril Wohrer]) will make you into Sulocana Das if you disturb the delusion that their Guru is embodiment of Pure Devotee. They will rather kill the messenger than accept their whole life is built on a false premise. Tread carefully, my friend. And don’t forget to take your blood pressure meds.

          • Hrvoje Marjanovic

            Last time Radhanath baba killed somebody, or participated in carrying money for the killer, it didn’t turned out well for him. Only good lawyers saved him. If Radhanath baba they gonna whack somebody, it will not be me. Rocana das is much more advanced than me in exposing nonsense, his webiste is 100 times bigger than mine. Plus, there is Henry Doktorski, who will soon publish book “Killing for Krishna”, his book will do much more damage than my website.


          • Makhana Cora

            Difference with last time is that his empire is worth tens or even hundreds of millions. He is more influential now than Kirtananda ever was. Last time, he was part of group consisting of many two-bit hustlers who sold fake baseball caps and stickers.

          • Hrvoje Marjanovic

            As I said, there are more interesting targets than me.

        • Celestialspring

          What a pathetic defence @makhana cora

          If you can’t defeat the argument that Hanuman pr has put forward, shut up.

          This is the usual Iskcon defence used by blind followers. Character assassination.

          How do you equate his chanting 16 rounds before sunrise with the behaviour of Sacinandan Baba? I mean if Hanuman says the earth is round then just because he isn’t finishing his rounds before sunrise he can’t make that statement?

          I have lived with devotees for over 20 years, there are many times when people are not able to chant all their rounds in the morning. By your logic all of them are fallen.

          When defending a cheater, at least come up with some logic.

          • Hrvoje Marjanovic


          • Makhana Cora

            @Celestialspring, I do not defend or promote Sacinanda. Nor do I judge anyone for not chanting before sunrise or even all 16 rounds. Chanting 16 rounds is only for our own benefit. So not chanting is foolish, not something to be condemned but rather pitied.