Gestapo officer tries to “save” me

Gestapo officer tries to “save” me

Today, I had an interesting conversation with Ananta Gouranga Das on Facebook messenger. He tried to “save” me. But “saving” me turned out to be quite difficult.

But this conversation is very important since it gives a perfect example of average, retarded ISKCON member. If you are actually smart and willing using your brain, surviving in ISKCON will be very hard for you.

I was trying to extract from this retard some concrete complaint which I would be willing to consider. Maybe some error that I made in some article. But I couldn’t get anything out of him. Only insults, threatening me that I will “burn in hell” because I am using my brain and seeing things in ISKCON which are very wrong.

Usually, I keep retarded chats private, but not anymore. If you are ISKCON retarded Gestapo officer, please keep in mind that my chat with you will be published. You were warned.


Ananta Gouranga Das: Hare krsna prabhu I want to say something about your dual crocked mentality you have,I’ve watching some of your videos on YouTube and honestly speaking as another devotee mention there YOU DON’T HAVE AT ALL A VAISNAVA MOOD!!

If your devotional service (Seva) is not helping you become distasteful from gossiping, politics, mocking, unnecessary criticizing and fault-finding then you are simply wasting your time prabhu!! Please introspect and get a life of HIGHER taste.

Simply putting tilak and kanthi doesn’t make you a devotee, but your behavior, your character, and your philosophical understanding does.

you have not only mocking of Seniors and Dear sons of Srila Prabhupada but openly offending ohhh no prabhu this is not offensive!! who you think you are? i didn’t know already we have two Yamarajas in charge!!
I don’t who is your spiritual master but in any case shame on you as a disciple !!!!! A disgrace to Gurudev to have such an offensive disciple!!
Krsna is going to put you on place!!

If you think just because you have knowledge of sastra you can offend and blaspheme another devotees!! You are very very wrong
I hope krsna gives you a good lesson in life like he did with Indra to put down all your arrogance and lack of humility hare krsna

Hanuman das: Hare Krishna prabhu.
Krishna should be spelled out with capital letter K.

Ananta Gouranga Das: This is not the issue here

Hanuman das: Your VAISNAVA MOOD is not interesting to me.

Ananta Gouranga Das: For krsna neither
Shame on you!!!!

Hanuman das: Your vaisnava mood is that you are writing to an unknown person and telling him in the first sentence that he has “crooked mentality”.
Shame on me for what?

Ananta Gouranga Das: Yes
Shame on you

Hanuman das: For telling the truth?
Shame on you for defending corrupt cheaters.

Ananta Gouranga Das: Maybe you are self realised soul

Hanuman das: I give you my blessings to serve corrupt deviants and consider them pure devotees.

Ananta Gouranga Das: How thinks smarter than Guru and krsna
Sorry you are fallen you can’t give any blessings

Hanuman das: If you have any practical complaint about a certain article on my website, you are welcome to report in.

Ananta Gouranga Das: With several devotees we have discussed about it
No worries prabhu

Hanuman das: If something is written on my website which is not true, my ears are open.

Ananta Gouranga Das: You mocked devotees

Hanuman das: Other than that, I am not interested in discussing with blind followers and Gestapo officers like yourself.

Ananta Gouranga Das: Did Srila Prabhupada told you as a service

Hanuman das: Yes, for you telling the truth is called “mocking”
And staying silent is called “being humble”.

Ananta Gouranga Das: Better focus on your sadhana

Hanuman das: Feel free to remain in the association of cheaters.

Ananta Gouranga Das: You don’t have any authority
Just because yo have offended

Hanuman das: I am not interested in advice from Gestapo officers, my sadhana is none of your business.

Ananta Gouranga Das: Vaisnavas very Dear to so many devotees

Hanuman das: Telling the truth is called “offending”. You are retarded. My consdolences.

Ananta Gouranga Das: I’m not gestapo it myself

Hanuman das: Please stop wasting my time.

Ananta Gouranga Das: Yes my condolences
To you
Fallen soul

Hanuman das: You are worshipping cheaters and protecting them. Therefore, you are Gestapo officer.

Ananta Gouranga Das: Arrogant and bereft of Vaisnava. Mood

Hanuman das: So, you work on your sadhana and don’t visit my website.

Ananta Gouranga Das: No worries

Hanuman das: You are sahajiya and you don’t have any idea what is vaisnava mood.

Ananta Gouranga Das: I will block you I’m happy never ever visit such garbag


The purpose of my website is to establish a genuine society of Srila Prabhupada followers which would have genuine gurus who didn’t sign a gag order as requested by the GBC body. In such a society, we would not turn people into retards like ISKCON is doing. Ananta Gouranga das is actually a product of ISKCON’s mental jail. When you join ISKCON, you are a normal person, but as time goes by, you will be converted to retarded blind follower such as Ananta Gouranga.

As Sai Baba members are enthusiastically defending Sai Baba as purest of the pure, in the same way, ISKCON members are defending sannyasis with female secretaries who are on the “guru list”. Both of those groups of people are retarded and I don’t want to be anywhere near them.