GBC introduces WhatsApp sannyasi

GBC introduces WhatsApp sannyasi

Ok guys, time to clean up stool from Srila Prabhupada’s movement.

Of course, some people don’t like stool cleaning procedures implemented on my website. They call me a fly, which is attracted by stool. They also called me envious faultfinder. Fact remains that only way to clean the movement of nonsense is to expose nonsense. And by exposing nonsense, it becomes very expensive to do nonsense.

By exposing nonsense, we are creating a critical mass of people who will no longer accept nonsense as the Absolute Truth. Consequentially, they will not accept deviant people as pure devotees. And this is exactly what is going on in ISKCON currently.

Did I ever write an article about any honest follower of Srila Prabhupada which is not deviating and who is strictly following? No, I didn’t. If somebody is honest and follows strictly, such persons are not afraid of my website. But fake gurus are afraid, and therefore they are constantly preaching about “not visiting bad sites on the internet”.

“Never read any criticism of Vaisnavas on the Internet. Perhaps you look at it as worldly entertainment, but by reading these kinds of articles, you pour poison on the creeper of devotion in your heart.” Indradyumna Swami, St. Petersburg, 05/04/2018.

Deviant people are cheating people and nobody is challenging them because this is “very offensive”. Why is it offensive? Because deviants are considered to be devotees. That is another big mistake in Krishna consciousness. People can’t recognize a devotee. Somebody is not devotee because he preaches unadulterated philosophy and behaves perfectly, rather somebody is a “pure devotee” because corrupt GBC body members made him into “pure devotee” by executive decision.

 Whatsapp sannyasi

So, what is WhatsApp sannyasi? Whatsapp sannyasi is someone who is messaging pretty girls, requesting them to send their dancing videos and photos. So, then sannyasi will analyze dance video and in this way get “spiritual enlightenment”.

This is how Whatapp sannyasi looks like, his name is Bhakti Ananta Krishna Goswami.

So, what app is he using? WhatsApp, of course. Let’s check the screenshots.

Fortunately, devotees were able to take the screenshots from the girl’s phone while she was communicating with the sannyasi.


BAKG: You are the most artistic and slim there. Have a video, how do you dance?

Girlfriend: There is, but such dances are unlikely to please you, I think. That is jazz.

BAKG: Send me. Clever beautiful woman. I was delighted with your game.

Girlfriend: ? What game? Ahhh.

BAKG: When you ran such disheveled. I have seen brilliant artistic skills.

Girlfriend: Many years of training have done their job)

BAKG: I would like to see your play in a Vaishnava play. We must do everything in the mode of goodness.

Girlfriend: I am doing my best (so she sent him her photo with a bulging ass in a tight red dress).

BAKG: You are the most beautiful girl in all three worlds!

Girlfriend: Oh, thank you, very nice??. I hope that my weight gain didn’t have much effect on that. But I do not despair.

BAKG: So you were fatty, and become slim. That is, on the contrary, you were slim, and you became…


I asked a devotee who published these screenshots for clarification. Here is what he wrote:

Two devotees accompanied Bhakti Ananta at the airport. Bhakti Ananta was with this girl in different parts of the world many times and this time (airport) he went somewhere with her (they departed separately). Then they came. These two accompanying devotees asked for this girl’s phone. She gave her phone. They entered in her Whatsapp and photographed this correspondence, and then they send a letter to Gopal Krishna (guru of our sannyasi) and to the sannyasi committee, Prahladananda Swami. But they didn’t take sannyas off him.


What GBC did after this incident? Nothing, this guy is still “bonafide ISKCON sannyasi”. Lying diksa guru Prahladananda Swami has the following listed on this website:

So, you are welcome to invite WhatsApp sannyasi to your temple, he is bonafide as far as GBC is concerned. But if you do invite him, please prepare WhatsApp numbers of all the girls younger than 25, so the “Maharaja” can check their beauty over WhatsApp. You know, check some videos of them dancing, so photos and so on. ???

And all of this is perfectly bonafide. ??? If somebody writes an article exposing WhatsApp sannyasi tattva, you should consider him “envious faultfinder” and fly which is attracted by stool. ???