Garsha ri Garsha is here to stay

Garsha ri Garsha is here to stay

Stubborn “pure devotee” Giriraja Swami continues to chant Garsha ri Garsha, two months after our initial article.

Well, you should never leave ISKCON. If ISKCON gurus chant “Garsha ri Garsha”, then you should also chant Garsha ri Garsha. Because everything that divine ISKCON gurus are doing is divine. They can’t chant the wrong mantra, because they have reached the highest levels of chanting.

But one important thing we have to notice here. Corrupt ISKCON gurus will definitely not help each other to fix their chanting. Or they are so puffed up that they will not accept good advice. So, this guy is chanting Garsha ri Garsha for at least two months, and nobody was able to convince him that he is wrong? That means ISKCON is completely non-functional retarded society.

You think I am dreaming, just check it 7:00 and further:


And what is even more interesting, below this post we have confirmation that his followers are retarded, look at their comments:

This is what you will become if you turn your brain off. “Hare Krishna guru maharj“, What is maharj? Oh, I see, maharj is somebody who chants Garsha ri Garsha. This guy is quite envious actually, he is making jokes.

Then, the second comment: Hare krsna Guru Maharaja pamho Agtsp Thank you” So, krsna is spelled with lower case, but Guru is capitalized. Additionally, she say “Thank you”, it s means that you will never be able to receive benefit from chanting Garsha ri Garsha mantra unless you are thankful. I think Mahatma Prabhu is right.

Hare Krsna, Guru Maharaj” – This guy is very evil, he tries to explain to his guru what mantra he wants to hear from him. 😀 😀 😀 So envious

Yea, all his disciples are correcting him, they are basically telling him: “Guru maharaj, you should chant Hare Krishna please” 😀 😀 😀 Those people are evil, they dare to correct pure devotee and tell him what to chant. This is offensive. Or maybe, they are simply cheap followers who didn’t even watch the video. Or maybe they are retarded, so they were not able to figure out that he is chanting the wrong mantra.

Anyway, I planned this post to be just a simple update, but it turned out to be hilarious.

And remember, you should never leave ISKCON, and you should never criticize “pure devotees” 😀 😀 😀

But don’t worry, if you ever leave ISKCON, you can join the intellectually more advanced movement, “Jehova witnesses”, they are quite similar to ISKCON.

Here is our original article:

Garsha ri Garsha is here