Public support and the future of my website

Public support and the future of my website

In the last two and half years, I’ve been fighting sannyasis with girlfriends without much public support. Many people like to visit my website, they shared many articles with their friends, but they did so in private messages. My website became very ypopular, with thousands of people visiting it every month. But, free ride is over.

Lack of public support allowed sannyasis with female secretaries to portray me as “lonely offender” and ignore me.

The time has some to move to phase 2 of the fight against sannyasis with girlfriends. Today in ISKCON, we have only a few sannyasis with female secretaries, but if this deviation is not squashed, it will spread. If you stay silent, your children will almost certainly live in a society where majority of gurus will be sannyasis with female secretaries.

So, there will be changes in how my website operates, effective immediately:

  • I will stop publishing my own articles and videos. When get at least 30 public support actions, I will publish next post.
  • I will only publish articles written by other people if I don’t get enough public support actions.

What is support action

Support action is where you publicly fight deviations in ISKCON, and support my work, here are some examples:

  • You publicly share article from my website on facebook and you tag me in that facebook post. This includes only real profiles where real names are used.
  • You write an email to your guru/GBC representative, asking him to declare his stance on sannyasis with female secretaries, and you put my email to cc, my email is
  • You write article for my website, it will be published under your real name.
  • You write public facebook posts about troubling issues in ISKCON, such as support for Ramesh baba sahajiya, etc, and you include link to some of my articles.
  • You write public review about on my website under your real name, this review will be posted on my website.
  • You agree that I put your name of my website, under the sympathizers list.

Now, you get idea what public support means.

But, but, what about me, I am …

OK, my website is visited not only by ISKCON devotees, but also by rtvik, gaudiya math people, and ex blooped devotees. Here are some advice for them:

Jesus Prabhupada followers

You can’t never fight deviations by imagining another deviations, so, for rtvik people who want to publicly support my website, please share this video on your facebook wall and tag me:

4 ways how rtviks try to kill Prabhupada

You can also you can write email to Prabhupada or Jesus Christ, and put me in CC. If you don’t know what is Prabhupada’s email, I can’t help you.


Gaudiya Math followers

My website is not for you, but if you like to fight sannyasis with girlfriends, you can start by cleaning your own house. Here are some photos to get you started:

Ex blooped devotees

If you want to help me, try stop smoking marihuana, and try chanting 16 rounds, and let me know when you succeed.