A Friendship that kills

A Friendship that kills

We already published one chapter from Henry Doktroski’s unpublished biography on Kirtanananda. And we established his credibility.

Today, we are publishing excerpt from another book that he is planning to publish: “Krishna Killers – The Danger of Deranged Devotion”.

This excerpt is detailing relationship between Radhanath Swami and Tirtha das at the time of murder. It tries to prove that two of them were very close friends, and Radhanath Swami was the first one to visit Tirtha in jail.

This information is very important as it links with another article we are going to publish next week.

Download excerpt here:

  • https://poskcon.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/krishna_killers.pdf

Comment by Mahavidya das ACBSP on facebook

Dharmatma das has been consistent in his testimony…He told me face to face the same testimony that he gave in court.
Radhanatha Swami and Kirtanananda drove up to his house for the getaway money for Tirtha das.
Dharmatma das explicitly stated this occurred before Tirtha das had been arrested…Therefore it was NOT for bail money as alleged by Radhanatha Swami.

Kirtanananda was implicated because the police found his fingerprints on the money.

Original comment on facebook, see here