4th Letter to Sacinandana Swami

4th Letter to Sacinandana Swami

I don’t think baba will reply, but let’s try.

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Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 07:05:31 +0000
Subject: open letter - Bhanu-nandini
From: Hanuman das
To: sacinandana.swami@pamho.net
Cc: Basu Ghosh Das <basughoshdas@gmail.com>,
"Badrinarayan Swami (San Diego - US)" <Badrinarayan.Swami@pamho.net>,
Bhakti-bhusana Swami <Bhakti-bhusana.Swami@pamho.net>,
"Bhanu.Swami@pamho.net" <Bhanu.Swami@pamho.net>,
"prahladananda.swami@pamho.net" <prahladananda.swami@pamho.net>

Dear Sacinandana Swami,

please accept my humble obeisances.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

since you didn’t respond to my third letter, situation escalated again. I asked few simple questions, quoting my last letter:

Also, Bhanu nandini was still in Berlin last month, April 2016, in the same place which you visit often. Can you please refute those photos and say directly How often you see Bhanu Nandini and do you spend any time with her alone without any other devotees present? Does she still live near you?

Since you didn’t refute those allegations, now I assume that Bhanu-nandini really is your girlfriend. Now we have another problem. Sannyasis shouldn’t have girlfriends. This is not fair. Many Prabhupada’s disciples accepted this renounced order and vowed to live a lonely life dedicated to the service of Srila Prabhupada. If you can have girlfriend, and they can’t that is not fair.

Now, we have following options:

  • a) we allow all other sannyasis to have girlfriends
  • b) you should leave your girlfriend
  • c) you should leave your sannyasa asrama

Option a) is not feasible since we will become sahajiya movement. You don’t seem to see problem with your current situation, so b) and c) are not likely.

So, we must seek additional options, I might wait until GBC body removes you from guru position, that is not likely to happen, since GBC body is too busy discussing if Prabhupada was feminist or not. “Ping pong” ministry (ex sannyasa ministry) will also not do anything, if they allowed Hridayananda das Goswami to play ping pong with women, they will surely allow you to have one gopi.

This leaves us to dreadful Hanuman das, “the envious one”, “the king of fault-finders”, who will now start making videos about you and Bhanu-nandini. This will reduce your reputation to zero, and then you can keep your girl and your fake asrama. Ramesh baba is always here to advise you if necessary.

Sriji ki jay.

your servant,
Hanuman das