Footbalanam and Mayapur’s spiritual anarchy

Footbalanam and Mayapur’s spiritual anarchy

In today’s article, we are analyzing the Mayapur football tournament.

Introduction to the event

Who is better to give us an introduction to the event than GKD, Gubind Krishno das:

Philosophical analysis

At the very beginning of the Video 0:15, Gubind starts explaining the new philosophy, he says:

People think bhakti is boring.

So, the philosophy here is that bhakti is boring without football. Instead of explaining that people are wrong, and the bhakti is very interesting, he basically said “Look, we added soccer, and bhakti is no longer boring”. This is of course not true, Srila Prabhupada never said you have to add soccer to Krishna consciousness to make it interesting. Neither Srila Prabhuapda ever played soccer with his disciples, nor any sannyasi ever supported such a frivolous activity.

Don’t be fanatical

Another argument can be put forward, obviously, not all Mayapur residents are 100%, pure devotees. The majority of residents of any Vaisnava city will always be spiritually deficient in some way. So, let them have some fun. After all, banning soccer will just increase the pressure of living in a Gestapo society. Since nobody in ISKCON is allowed to disagree with any of the leading deviants, let the sudras at least play soccer.

This argument is something that I am willing to accept. As long as Brahmanas are not playing football and as long as they are preaching the correct philosophy, the sudras should be allowed to play soccer. But big announcements are not required, explanations of how bhakti is boring without soccer is not required.

However, in this particular example football was not organized for sudras only. These so-called “brahmacaris” and “preachers”, so-called Brahmanas and intelligent people were not supposed to engage in this activity or endorse it anyway. We are not all one. If you want to be a preacher, you can’t play soccer.

Managers, leaders, ksatriyas should also not be engaged in this frivolous activity. They are supposed to “know better”.

So, this soccer tournament is just another proof that so-called ISKCON Brahmanas are actually covert sudras.

Loss of preaching opportunity

How can we preach to people that the human form of life is meant for self-realization, that intelligent human beings should not waste time on cinema, football, and other superficial nonsense?

The obvious reply will be “But you have a soccer tournament in your headquarters?” which will obviously portray ISKCON as hypocrites.

So, we can no longer preach against wasting time on frivolous sports.

Salt to the wound

Worst of all, one of the teams is called “Prabhupada sevaks”. Come on guys, you want to be hit by the thunderbolt? Krishna will find this hard to tolerate. How about being honest and naming your team as something realistic. For example, the first team should be called “Can’t read” and the other “No kirtan taste”.


Next thing, making a football field costs money, organizing the whole tournament, buying equipment, producing the winner’s cup, and everything else had to be paid by somebody. My doubt is that was paid from the donations people gave for the pleasure of Krishna.

Compromised sannyasi

The so-called sannyasi who blessed this event should be stripped of his sannyasa status. HH Bhakti Vijaya Bhagavat Swami’s behavior proves that he doesn’t understand Krishna consciousness. Intelligent leaders who understand Krishna consciousness might allow a soccer tournament, but they will not endorse it, because Srila Prabhupada didn’t allow frivolous sports for this true followers.

Silent but sweet gurus

As we can see, Jayapataka Swami didn’t comment on this issue, he didn’t fix it, he didn’t clarify the basic tenants of Krishna consciousness. The primary role of the guru is to philosophically clarify arising issues. Guru is not somebody who is only smiling and distributing cookies. Guru is not somebody who is telling the stories about Lord Caitanya while his disciples are playing football at the same time. Guru is somebody who should set standards: If you want to be a pujari, if you want to be a brahmana, if you want to be a preacher, you can’t play soccer. But he is not doing that. Actually,  this tournament was not even supposed to happen without clear rules that only sudras can participate. Also, all ideas that “bhakti is boring” without football and all preaching how football is “sane” and “healthy” should be destroyed by uncompromising Brahmanas. It seems that the Bengali mafia which is ruling Mayapur didn’t learn anything from their guru.

Through the divine power of Maya, you are watching soccer on the TV as a materialist, and when you join ISKCON, you continue watching soccer on the TV but this time you imagine yourself to be in Krishna’s consciousness. Maya’s power is truly astonishing.

The future

As ISKCON goes down the drains, we already had fashion shows, Menoclonoda parties, vyasa-puja with karmi songs, so the football tournament is not surprising for those who really understand what is going on.

As ISKCON is going further and further away from the original Krishna consciousness, as the Gestapo GBC and clown gurus are insisting that it is “Prabhupada’s movement” and are doing nothing to stop the degradation, those who seek true Krishna consciousness will start feeling uncomfortable following clown gurus and their imbecile followers. At that time, a new Krishna consciousness movement will arise, a movement without all the hypocrisy, a movement where Brahmanas will be able to speak openly, a movement where keeping the Krishna consciousness on the right track will not be called “aparadha”. A movement that will not tolerate sannyasis with girlfriends and gurus who preach that Krishna is mortal and that he performs mythological pastimes.