My first letter to Sacinandana Swami

My first letter to Sacinandana Swami

I try to write to Sacinandana Swami about the issue, no reply.

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Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 09:17:08 +0000
Subject: open letter - Ramesh baba in Croatia - upcoming havoc
From: Hanuman das

Dear Sacinandana Swami,
please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

My name is Hanuman das and I live near Zagreb, Croatia. In this country, you have quite a few disciples. In recent years, I noticed trend in some of them that they became followers and sympathisers of Ramesh baba, sahajiya and mayavadi from Vrindavan.
I did little research and I traced this Ramesh baba affection back to you, I discovered video on the internet in which you take instruction from him, video is here:

Sacinananda Swami exposed as sahajiya – taking siksa from Ramesh babaji Maharaj from Zebra on Vimeo.

I also have videos of you participating in his bhajans and playing his videos on your vyasa-puja.

So, I am confused, Ramesh baba is mayavadi, he claims that we are all Krishna, and he is also sahajiya, his practice of “devotional service” is watching young girls dance all night. That is practice which is not taught by any acarya in our sampradaya. Plus, he is not initiated into any bonafide sampradaya.

Your disciple Madayanti devi dasi and many others, organised tour for Brajraj Saran, prominent follower of Ramesh baba. This tour included visit to Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia. He was here twice already, in 2013 and again in the begging of this year.

My mission is now to expose this nonsense and root out sahajiyas from Prabhupada’s movement in Croatia. Unfortunately, you are severely implicated in this issue. But, my main target is Ramesh baba, not you, but I in order for me to complete my mission, you will inevitably be pulled into the whole situation.

To protect yourself from the havoc I am going to create very soon, I would suggest some kind of open statement on your website to confirm that Ramesh baba is not bonafide and advising all your disciples to refrain from having any connection with him. This would pretty much solve this issue in a relatively peaceful way.

Also, your ex main disciple in Croatia, Sundarananda was, is publicly sharing Ramesh baba videos on his facebook profile, he opened his own apa-sampradaya in Croatia, disregarding GBC and ISKCON completely, what is your stance on that?
I just started my facebook operation lightly by sharing the above video, and already the whole Croatia knows about it, but in four days, it will become intense bilingual (croatian/english) campaign which will expose all people involved for the whole world to see. We have nothing to hide, sannyasi doesn’t have a private life, I hope you understand.

Hoping to resolve this misunderstanding peacefully,
Hanuman das