Finally, an easy way to perfection – Piano-japanam

Finally, an easy way to perfection – Piano-japanam

Pure devotees are so merciful because chanting is kinda boring.

But, thanks to Sivarama Swami Pujyapad, we can now make spiritual advancement by listening to piano music. This is what I was waiting for all these years.

The procedure is very simple, you put your hand inside japa bag, and listen to piano music for at least 8 minutes, effects will surprise you.

As an ISKCON minister for classical music, I am launching the following fatwa:

All envious offenders who don’t believe that pure devotees listen to piano music should be maked as fault-finders and infidels. 

May peace be upon you.

Additional, the ISKCON minister for sheep-disciple development sent me the following fatwa:

Thou shalt serve your spiritual master by playing piano.

Although considering ourselves unqualified, we always desire to increase Maharaja’s piano-japanam ecstasy, and thus we are sending our greetings to maharaja together with the following video:

And remember, stay safe, don’t criticize pure piano devotees, never turn your back toward the piano, never speak with other people while somebody plays the piano, never consider piano-japanam to be equal or less valuable than other methods of self-realization.