Female diksa guru – a non-issue

Female diksa guru – a non-issue

Female diksa guru is a non-issue for me. I just wrote this to a friend recently who send me some email debates that go around female diksa guru issue.

It is just a consequence of watered down, mayavadi leadership of the GBC body.

People who think that female diksa guru is a problem, but they think it is ok to live in a Gestapo society where you can’t say anything against sannyasis who travel with girlfriends, such people are seriously delusional.

People who never protest against pre-approved gurus speculation, which requires that new guru must sign a statement promising never to criticize GBC. Such people all of the sudden find GBC body decisions unacceptable, although they were playing all along with guru-form and guru-list deviations.

In short, a female diksa guru problem is just a manifestation of much deeper problems:

  • Gestapo mentality
  • Guru, pre-approval (guru who must sign a gag-order form before becoming a guru).

Everybody who agrees to live in such a society contributes to the problem.

In other words, members of the Krishna consciousness movement are being tormented by the GBC body. And they created that GBC body monster themselves, by agreeing to participate in the monster Gestapo regime and following the rules which monster tries to impose on them. GBC monster grows strong and feeds itself on humble, retarded followers.

ROOT CAUSE: Guru preapproval system is creating corporate gurus who are not able to preach the absolute truth because their guru license might be revoked.

SOLUTION: Solution is very simple, we need real gurus who will preach real philosophy. We need diksa gurus who will not agree to sign gag-order before becoming gurus. In this way, the real philosophy of Krishna consciousness can be propagated and deviated GBC body will lose power to impose their nonsense on everybody.