Lasting Impression Krishna consciousness as it is 2019-10-14T14:26:32Z WordPress Hanuman das <![CDATA[Mayapur mafia defines whistleblowing pricing]]> 2019-10-14T14:26:32Z 2019-10-14T14:10:16Z In the ISKCON Gestapo society, you can’t speak the truth. Otherwise, you will be kicked out. That is especially true if you are not willing to silently bow down in front of murder accomplices. But, so far it was free of charge. You could speak whatever you want, and when you get kicked out, you […]]]> 0 Hanuman das <![CDATA[Guru business – a book by Sulocana das]]> 2019-10-13T10:42:43Z 2019-10-13T09:08:32Z Today, we are publishing Sulocana’s book “Guru business”. Very important book for every Srila Prabhupada follower to read. cl THE GURU BUSINESS Author:  Sulocana das (Sulocana das was murdered May 22nd, 1986, 1:00 a.m., Los Angeles, two days after this story was written.) TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface – A Rude Awakening Chapter – They Will […]]]> 0 Hanuman das <![CDATA[Radhanath baba disciples still advertise gangster towers]]> 2019-10-12T13:21:18Z 2019-10-12T12:58:15Z When you lose 50 000 Euros which you invested in Cursed towers, nobody in ISKCON will help you. At least nobody from the ranks of “pure devotees” will help you. And “pure managers” will also not help you. Two weeks ago, we published an amazing gangsta story from Mayapur, the city of Justice: How to […]]]> 0 Hanuman das <![CDATA[Radhanatha Swami directly implicated in Sulocana murder – video evidence]]> 2019-10-08T08:20:23Z 2019-10-08T08:20:23Z ISKCON is a murderous cult, in which murder accomplice Radhanath Swami holds a leadership position. We already published a review of the book that documents this gruesome episode, you can review it here: Review of book “Killing for Krishna” by Henry Doktorski Then, a few months after that, a witness popped up, Jyotirdhama prabhu, who […]]]> 0