Farewell Cricket Maharaja

Farewell Cricket Maharaja

All ISKCON gurus are starting to glorify the cricket maharaja. Disciple grab is already underway. So, I want to join in.

Dear Cricket maharaja, we are all very sad because you left us.

We are completely lost in the ocean of cricket ignorance, who will teach us cricket now that you are gone?

Who will ban all the naughty books which quote Srila Prabhupada too much?

Cricket Maharaj, please bestow upon us your mercy, so that we can, too, reach the Cricket loka.

Some of your Godbrothers tried to teach us tennis:

Some of ISKCON gurus tried to teach us volleyball:

We were tempted by the mellows of raftanam:

But none of these ISKCON gurus understand that we are cricket people, and we love Cricket Maharaja.

Dear Cricket Maharaja, we are promising you today that we will not be distracted by any other mundane frivolous sport, we will always enjoy the mellows of cricket.

And after this lifetime, we hope that we will join you on Vaikuntha-loka number 2702678 and enjoy playing cricket eternally with your Holiness.