Even Iskcon gurus need to read Srila Prabhupada’s books

Even Iskcon gurus need to read Srila Prabhupada’s books

So there is one Mr. Hridayananda Goswami, but it’s 2019 and sannyasis walking around barefoot with nothing but kamandalu (all purpose small metal pot), danda and the clothes on their back is so 2018 (B.C.). Naturally, Mr. Goswami has a Facebook page, dresses like an ordinary person and has an apartment in Los Angeles, USA.?

Being a writer for Lasting Impressions, and thus a professional envious fault-finding neophyte, I have systematically examined Mr. Goswami’s Facebook page and duly noted the contents found therein. I was of course fully confident of finding bogus quotes on Mr. Goswami’s page at the beginning of my investigation, and I was certainly not disappointed.? Here is a nice recent bogus post by Acharyadev:


We should all thank Krishna that He sent us Acharyadev to enlighten us. You see Mr. Acharyadev Goswami is a very practical and realistic kinda dude. He doesn’t believe in magic or fairytales. He doesn’t believe Srila Prabhupada when Srila Prabhupada says many times in his total recorded teachings that the (chaste and shy) wife automatically gets some of the spiritual advancement of the husband. I am just a neophyte bhakta and after reading Prabhupada’s books I remembered that Srila Prabhupada makes this point many times. I am curious (and deeply concerned) why a bhakta who is still just a two-legged animal (because I have not yet taken my second birth as a human being by getting initiated) ☹️ was able to remember these points from Prabhupada’s books but Acharyadev was not. Anyway enough of my two-legged fault-finding (for now ?). Let’s see the relevant Srila Prabhupada quotes:

The wife is dependent on the husband, and if the husband is a Vaiṣṇava, then naturally she shares the devotional service of the husband because she renders him service. (SB 3.23.1 purport)



She was not supposed to be so advanced in austerity, ecstasy, meditation or Kṛṣṇa consciousness, but, imperceptibly, she was sharing her husband’s achievements, which she could neither see nor experience. Automatically she achieved these graces of the Lord. (SB 3.23.7 purport)

If a woman is fortunate enough to be the wife of a pure devotee, she can serve her husband without any desire for sense gratification. If she remains engaged in the service of her exalted husband, she will automatically attain the spiritual perfections of her husband. (SB 4.28.43 purport)

Females are not meant for the renounced order of life; they should be faithful to their good husbands, for if a husband is competent for liberation, his wife will also achieve liberation with him. As stated in the śāstra, the results of a husband’s pious activities are shared by his wife. Therefore a woman’s duty is to be very chaste and faithful to her husband. Then without separate endeavor she will share in all the profit the husband earns. (SB 6.6.1 purport)

This last purport excerpt is also interesting as it would seem to condemn the idea of senior female Prabhupada disciples traveling around the world as “sannyasini” “gurus” giving mediocre lectures (to men), demanding only the finest organic health food as their diet, collecting donations, not attending most of the morning program, etc. and performing all the stereotypical activities of the modern Iskcon celebrity male gurus.

Anyway, we have duly proven, with these Prabhupada quotes, that Mr. Goswami has a less than my neophyte understanding of Krishna Consciousness when such bogus statements as “So I do not think benefits or liabilities (in marriage) are magical and automatic” issue forth from his lotus lips. Srila Prabhupada actually uses the word “automatically” in the purports to Bhagavatam verses (3.23.7) and (4.28.43) (shown above) in reference to the wife getting the spiritual credit of the husband.?


Oh God, what next?

Next, I shall enviously criticize the photo accompanying Mr. Goswami’s nice bogus quote. We will notice that the image is a bunch of roses who’s natural color has been changed to rainbow colors. This would appear to be an obvious promotion of homosex. It is 2019 after all; these things are going on.?

Unfortunately, Mr. Goswami has a history of promotion of homosex. Here is a link to an article on Iskcon News that confirms the truth of this envious criticism:


This article is from 2009 and discusses an Iskcon controversy from 2008 when Mr. Goswami apparently blessed a gay marriage. The article also states that in 2004 Acharyadev wrote a nice paper promoting homosex “monogamy” in Krishna Consciousness. I should read this paper. I am a very stern and serious gestapo brahmacari type person who never smiles and is always trying to ruin all of Acharyadev’s and his friend’s fun. I could use a good laugh to lighten up a little.

Maybe someone can send Mr. Goswami this article because now we will show some Prabhupada statements condemning the endorsement of cat-and-dog-civilization homosex so-called marriage (sorry I’m not exactly the most politically correct guy in the world either):

Prabhupada: Now the priestly order supporting homosex. I was surprised. They are going to pass resolution for getting married between man to man. The human society has come down to such a degraded position. It is astonishing. (Conversation with the GBC, May 25, 1972, Los Angeles)

The priests cannot speak straightforwardly. There is a straightforward commandment–“Thou shalt not kill.” But because people are already killing, the priests are afraid to present the commandment straightforwardly. Now they are even granting man-to-man marriage, what to speak of other things. The priests are sermonizing on this idea of man-to-man marriage. Just see how degraded they have become! Previously was there any conception like this, at least outside America? Nobody thought that a man could be married to another man. What is this? And the priests are supporting it. Do you know that? (Journey of Self Discovery 6.5)

Paramahamsa: They also have that “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”
Prabhupada: Yes. And they are very expert in doing that. That is advanced civilization. Now they are marrying man to man and accepting homosex, so what is the value now of this priestly class? (Morning Walk, May 13, 1975, Perth)

Anyway if you go to Vedabase and search “homosex” you can spend hours reading what Srila Prabhupada said about the topic. These quotes show that Prabhupada was particularly upset about the idea of priests endorsing gay marriage. According to the standard usage of the English word “priest”, Mr. Goswami would certainly qualify as an Iskcon priest or member of the clergy.

So it’s possible that His Goswaminess may have simply been thinking that this ordinary photo of some roses would look really cool if they were multi-colored and you were on hallucinogenic mushrooms. Who can understand the mind of a GBC approved pure devotee traveling celebrity guru guy? However, it looks like an obvious promotion of homosexuality to me. And Mr. Goswami has a history…

One last point: I know several homosexual devotees from around the Iskcon world. They are my friends and they are sincere devotees doing service. So the point is not to hate anyone because of their particular anarthas. We all have our own anarthas. The point is that just as we don’t promote but rather we condemn the anartha of intoxication, similarly we should not promote, but should condemn illicit sex. Sexual activity between two individuals of the same sex is a particularly degraded form of illicit sex, according to Srila Prabhupada. Just as a Vaishnava is advised to completely give up all intoxication, similarity a Vaishnava is advised to give up all forms of illicit sex. Unfortunately, there is no legitimate sexual outlet for homosexual or lesbian devotees like there is for heterosexual devotees who can get married. Devotees with the karma of being gay have a difficult anartha to deal with in this lifetime. We should pray for them.

Anyway as I am a neophyte and it is my duty to be envious and find fault with everyone except myself, I have written this article. So there it is. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.