Entering the ping pong era

A small video comment on the GBC Ujjain meetings.

Chandrasekhara’s announcement:

Hridayananda das Goswami announced himself GBC for Brasil:

Hridayananda das Goswami file

Ton’s of deviations can be seen here

  • Makhana Cora

    Or: ISKCON R.U.I.N. (Rascals United in Nonsense)

  • Makhana Cora

    So long as (((Hridayananda))) and (((Bir Krishna))) lead Krishna West, it is bound for doom

  • Tusta Ji Dass

    I’m too embarrassed to tell anyone I’m affiliated with iskcon because of all the crap going on in it and the outsiders know a lot as well, I don’t wear dhoti and Kurta but I still go on Harinaam, I don’t like Ping pong das as he’s just another Jew who wants to ruin Prabhupadas movement, they started the war so why not ruin a movement as well.
    These guys have no potency at all so changing the dynamics is all they’re good at.