Entering phase 2

Entering phase 2

I have spend significant amount of time in the last few years developing this website. My goal was bring Srila Prabhupada’s movement back on the right track. Basic problem with the movement is that cheaters are glorified as pure devotees.

The system how this website was working up until now is that I would receive tips from people who mostly wanted to remain anonymous and I would publish article around this info.

We have gathered significant support and popularity in the last two years using this system. This website has become a vent for people to channel their grievances.

However, you can’t make a revolution by being anonymous. People who wanted to remain anonymous never changed anything.

So, it is time to go public, and therefore we are introducing two important changes today:

  • Public authors
  • Public support

Public authors

From now on, we will publish only article where devotees agree for their names to be published. No more spies. If you want to express your grievance with something in ISKCON, your real name will be mentioned in the article.

Public support

In case we want to continue publishing anonymous reports, we will need at least 108 ISKCON members to publicly stand behind my website, using their name and city from which they are from. If we gather 108 supporters, we will continue to accept anonymous contributions.

The rationale

Sri Krishna is running this universe with a perfect sense of justice. Justice is implement through the law of karma. If 100% of ISKCON members want to live pleasantly without exposing any deviations, then they didn’t deserve the truth. We will get truth if we are willing to fight for truth. At least 1% of ISKCON members should be willing to fight for truth. If nobody is willing to fight for truth, then truth will remain hidden in a society which was established to preach about Absolute Truth.

If everybody is ok to stay silent, if everybody is ok with letting sannyasis with girlfriends go unchallenged, then let us remain society of cheaters and cheated.

In my current estimation, this will remain the last article on my website. For all of you who enjoyed visiting my website anonymously, the fun is over.

Supporters of Lasting impression website

I, the undersigned, support the Lasting Impression website, because I believe that every ISKCON member should be informed about potential deviations from Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. Every ISKCON member should be allowed to express his stance on philosophical issues based on Srila Prabhupada’s books. ISKCON gurus and leaders must prove their purity by everyday behaviour, they are not automatically saintly just because they are member of a board or because they are on the “guru list”.


  1. Hanuman das, Croatia
  2. Mahapurusa das, Vrindavan (I am full of faults but I want ISKCON to be pure as per Prabhupada’s unchanged instructions)
  3. Anandapurna dasa, Ukraine, Donetsk
  4. Gadai das ACBSP, New York
  5. Jaya Madhava das ACBSP, Moscow
  6. Raimond van Mastbergen, Netherlands
  7. Rasika Rai das, South Africa
  8. Pranjul Yadav, New Delhi, India
  9. Radheshyam dasi, Hawaii
  10. Lila Kirtana das, Toronto, Canada
  11. Kumar Aditya Namdeo, Madhya Pradesh, India
  12. Hari Prasad das, Hyderabad, India
  13. Jignesh Teji, London, UK
  14. Acintya Govinda dasa, Australia
  15. Siva Shankar, Vrindavan, India
  16. Kirill Che, Saint Petersburg, Russia
  17. Nilesh Prajapati, Gujarat, India
  18. Chaitanyahriday Dasa, Chandigarh, India
  19. Joseph Duran, California, USA
  20. Neela Madhava das, Texas, USA
  21. Karl Galgana Schimkowski, Germany
  22. Dasaratha Suta das ACBSP, Alachua, USA
  23. Bhaktin Alice Aloha, Helskinki, Finland
  24. Garuda das, UK
  25. AAshish Patil, Mumbai, India
  26. Madhusudana das, Moscow, Russia
  27. Shakti Pati das, India
  28. Jane Eyre, Spain
  29. Cinthya Loo, Peru
  30. Jagadananda das ACBSP, France
  31. John Connor, Ireland
  32. Agustín Chávez Cruz, Mexico
  33. Arnoldas Zdanevicius, Lithuania
  34. Fay Box, Wisconsin, USA
  35. Makhana Cora das, USA
  36. Natalja Vyborova, Lithuania
  37. Saurabh Bishnoi, India
  38. Bhakta das ACBSP, Thailand
  39. Laksminath das, France
  40. Ryan Hazlett, USA
  41. Ralph Cardwell, Tasmania





As I said, please contact me over email or facebook if you want to be put on this list, unless this list gets filled up, we can’t go any further.

I want to thank you all the visitors to my website, but now is the time to move to phase two, or stop wasting time on fixing the movement which can not be fixed.