Dr. Misra + Srila Prabhupada = Krishna das + Sacinandana Swami

Dr. Misra + Srila Prabhupada = Krishna das + Sacinandana Swami

After posting my Upgradable gurus video, those interested in the background of this incident should watch this video. I received an argument, trying to defend Sacinandana Swami’s close relationship with Krishna das.

Argument from the internet

Prabhu, Srila Prabhupada went to Dr. Mishra’s ashram, took prasadam, had a kirtan; it doesn’t make Prabhupada a mayavadi.

My response

Being alone on another continent without any money and and without any followers is one thing, and purposefully organizing concerts with mayavadis after founder acarya specifically said not to do it is another thing.

Prabhupada and Dr. Misra weren’t friends, they didn’t get along well, Dr. Misra didn’t allow Prabhupada to give lectures in his center, Prabhupada didn’t go voluntarily to live with Dr. Misra, but because he didn’t have any other place to go. As soon as he was able to get some of his own followers, he left doctor Dr. Misra and they didn’t remain “good friends” with “Joint preaching efforts”.

Background info:

  • Krishna das calls Siva and Krishna “same $hit”: https://vimeo.com/118104930
  • Sacinandana baba and Krishna das have a good time discussing $hit: http://www.sacinandanaswami.com/en/s1a751/photos/krishna-das-and-sacinandana-swami-in-berlin.html