Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 4/4

Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 4/4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Discussing honesty with the mafia


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After hearing all 4 parts, you should ask yourself about your future. Once you meet Lord Yamaraja, you can’t say: “Oh, I am not guilty, I honestly served Don Corleone Goswami and his GBC buddies. Yea, I saw some people disappear during the years, but I was not interested in details.” 🤣🤣🤣 Being a follower of ruthless ruffians will certainly leave a mark on your destiny. do you really want to be known as the member of the team who destroyed Srila Prabhupada legacy? In order to help you make a decision, let us repeat some history, since history always repeats itself:

The Spanish Reconquista was followed by the Spanish Inquisition, who focused on attaining religious conformity by persecutions of the Jews and the Muslim Moors, which was considered a top priority by the church. Persecution of witchcraft was therefore not regarded with much interest in Spain. The Malleus Maleficarum (1486) was in fact published in the middle of the reconquista.

By the early 16th-century, nevertheless, the witchcraft ideology was accepted in Spain. The Basque Kingdom of Navarre had been conquered and became a part of Spain in 1512 with the excuse that heretic beliefs and religious nonconformity was rampant in Navarre, which created a tense situation in the area. This situation eventually resulted in one of the earliest mass witch trials in Europe: the Navarre witch trials (1525-26). On the assignment of the Navarrese authorities, a witchcraft committee was formed and a commissioner travelled the Pyrenées to identify witches. He managed to have an unknown number of people executed and their property confiscated.[1]

Witch trials were at this point a new crime in Spain, and in August 1525 the Spanish Inquisition ended the Navarre witch trials and issued an investigation as to how such trials should be investigated.[1] In February 1526, the Spanish Inquisition issued a witchcraft regulation in which they stated, that while they accepted witches and their participation in the Sabbath of Satan as a reality, the recommended repentance rather than the death sentence for the condemned and banned confiscation of their property.[1] This regulation almost put an end to witch trials in Spain: between 1526 and 1611, the Inquisition focused in heresy and only circa twenty-two people were condemned for sorcery.[1]

However, the Spanish Inquisition experienced a few setbacks when it failed to prevent local secular courts from conducting witch trials. This resulted in one of the largest mass witch trials in Europe outside of Germany: the Basque witch trials in 1609. A second incident was a series of severe witchcraft persecutions in Catalonia in 1618–1622, which resulted in about one hundred executions before the Inquisition managed to take control of the situation.[1]

After this, the Spanish Inquisition had greater success in its policy to prioritize heresy before witchcraft and minimize the witch trials, and only a few isolated cases of witchcraft executions conducted by local secular courts are known until they died out as well in the mid-17th-century.

Christian ideology is equally stupid as the ideology of witches, nevertheless, Christians, being more powerful than the witches, and having a police and the army on their society decided to kill all the witches “in the name of Jesus”. However, all religious persecutions are not product of a desire to attain the absolute truth, rather, they are the consequence of the desire of self-preservation of the corrupt religion. Thus, we are seeing a global decline in people who are actually practicing Christianity, world is of Christians by name, who are engaging in extra-martial affairs, eating meeting, drinking alcohol and calling all other religions movement “the work of the devil”. This happens you stop burning non-believers. 🤣🤣🤣

Similarly, ISKCON GBC “saints” are not after the Absolute truth, they are after keeping the status quo and making their small inquisition society richer and more influential. They can not prosecute sannyasis with girlfriends, because if sannyasi with a girlfriend leaves, he will take his followers and maybe even a few temples together with him. So, it’s all about money, real estate, and influence. GBC mafia is not interesting in running small, honest society, no they are interested in running the big organization which is spiritually useless due to corruption.

We should engage all our intelligence in establishing an alternative society, which will fight the hypocritical ruffians who are trying to destroy Srila Prabhupada’s legacy. 

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