Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 3/4

Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 3/4

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Discussing honesty with the mafia

Here is part 3 of the mafia conversation.

One more interesting part.

“Romapada Swami exposed” website

After nothing happened after all this discussion, in 2014 a website was published with all the compromising material. This site was www.romapadaswamiexposed.org.

We can see the history of that website, it dates back to 2014. So, what was the response by Romapada Swami? He builds his own website, which is also called “Rompada Swami Exposed”, but this time, he takes the .com domain, so his new website is https://romapadaswamiexposed.com/

So, instead of admitting that he was borrowing money to temples with interest as a renunciant, he builds his own site in the hope to overshadow the original site which includes incriminating evidence against him.

Cheating goes on

So, if you want to see how a million-dollar sannyasi looks like today, here is his latest lecture:

And it is the essence of cheating, up to this very day, ISKCON is presenting Romapada as an “ISKCON guru” pure devotee who can take you back to Godhead. At the same time, he is a million-dollar renunciant which leads a completely untransparent life.


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