Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 2/4

Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 2/4

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Discussing honesty with the mafia

We are discussing the 5 devils of ISKCON.

If we ever want to be a pure devotee, if must avoid the 5 devils of ISKCON which can destroy your devotional service. First ISKCON devil is honesty, never-ever try to be honest, this can only bring you trouble. You will look like a fool. And besides, if you are being honest in ISKCON, dishonest people will only take advantage of you.

The second devil is the truth. Truth is for losers. Speak whatever will elevate you in the ISKCON mafia hierarchy. Speaking the truth will just bring you more problems.

The third ISKCON devil is consistency. You should never be consistent, rather you should be like a jellyfish and always adjust yourself to the Holly ISKCON corporation. Only fools think that Absolute truth is unchangeable. The new mantra is “go with the flow”.

The fourth ISKCON devil is credibility. Remember, as an ISKCON mafia official, your credibility doesn’t come from your behavior, it comes from the votes of the GBC mafia. Only if the mafia says you are pure, then you are pure. Your actual behavior doesn’t have to do anything with your credibility. Credibility in ISKCON is like a currency. You can buy credibility if you are able to negotiate a deal with other gurus to glorify you, you can also give your own credibility to a sannyasi with a girlfriend.

And fifth ISKCON devil is justice. Never dare to speak about justice. Justice is for losers.

Now, of course, you think that I am joking, but just listen to the second part of Dasarath’s conversation with the GBC and you will see that I am right.

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