Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 1/4

Discussing honesty with the mafia – part 1/4

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Discussing honesty with the mafia

This recorded conversation with the GBC representative 2012 is very valuable in understanding the ISKCON corporate mindset.

In June 2012, Dasarasth das ACBSP, the pioneer and founder of all ISKCON temples in Arizona, USA met with North American GBC representative Nityananda das.

This recording is very valuable because it gives you a very clear overview of the mindset and practices of tyrannical pseudo-religious organizations. Unless you imbibe this doctrine, you can not be a member of the ISKCON organization.

This conversation is very long, almost two hours, so we divided it into 4 parts, which are less than half an hour long.


In this particular episode, we can learn the following:

  • “When dealing with devotees, it is important to everybody feels encouraged in Krishna consciousness.” – Taking into consideration the topic of this discussion, we can conclude that thieves and liars should also feel encouraged in their “devotional practices”. We should not deal with them roughly just because we don’t agree with stealing and lying. 🥰😍 I mean, if they stop lying and stealing money, how will they make spiritual progress?
  • When he hears about prosecuting whistleblowers, the GBC guy just remains silent.
  • Kuladri, the mafia guy who was involved in Sulocana murder was also mentioned in the video.
  • Centralization of the Noth American GBC is also discussed.


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