Vote for a saint (with female secretary)

Vote for a saint (with female secretary)

How can Sacinandana Baba survive with traveling around the world with secretary for 10 years. It’s very simple, if he is dragged down from his position because of secretary, then other sannyasis with “personal” secretaries will also surface and further questions will be asked.

Here is a facebook post by Sivarama Swami called “Vote for a Saint”.

Then below, in the comments, we find something very interesting:

“Personal” secretary for 15 years, “daily contact” and she “understands” his political views. Neo-sannyas. No comment needed. To be avoided. Accept genuine sannyasi as guru. Genuine Grhasta guru is much better than this.

Vote for a genuine saint, avoid sannyasis with female secretaries.


  • Sivarama Swami’s facebook post where secretary is revealing their relationship