Dangerous changes

Dangerous changes

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Prabhuji, can you please share some proofs personally to me where we can say that all Prabhupada letters or conversations are as applicable today as in Prabhupada times.
Some devotees argued with me that some statements of Prabhupada in letters or conversations subject to change with time, place and circumstances e.g. Regarding yoga or teaching girls kathak dance etc. They say that eternal principles regarding sambandh, abhideya and prayojan are eternal principles, but there may be others things said by Prabhupada which may not be practical today. How to understand this with scriptural evidence and any statement of prabhupada regarding his letters or conversations, how long will they be applicable? Please share knowledge and enlighten me.

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

ABC of spiritual knowledge is that Srila Prabhupada is founder acarya. His instructions are not changeable. Srila Prabhupada was not some mundane person who was giving us temporary knowledge that we must change all the time.

You are talking about “Subject to change” ? Who will make the change to Prabhupada’s letters and conversations? Radhanath Swami ? I don’t accept Radhanath Swami and his disciples as qualified to change anything, especially Prabhupada’s letters and conversations. Otherwise we might end up practicing Krishna consciousness by watching butt raising yoginis do yoga.

Real disciple will never try to change teaching of his guru.

Prabhupada instructions keep our Krishna consciousness strong. You are mentioning yoga as example. So, now the times have changed? My questions is what really changed? Butt raising yoginis are all of the sudden “spiritual” because Radhanath Swami said so? I don’t believe this nonsense.

Gymnastic Yoga doesn’t work in Kali yuga, and it is constitutes cheating and waste of time:

Devotee: Can hatha-yoga hinder or help Krsna consciousness, or is it…?
Prabhupāda: Hinder. Yes. Because it is useless, simply wasting time. You cannot perform haṭha-yoga in this age. You do not follow the rules and regulations. You are simply bluffed. Do you know what is the rules and regulations of haṭha-yoga factually?
Devotee: Not actually.
Prabhupada: Yes. You have to select a secluded place. Hatha-yoga is not practiced in assembly of so many men. Just you go to a hatha-yoga class. There are hundreds of members practicing, and he is collecting money, five dollars per seat. And you are thinking, “I am practicing.” That is useless waste of time and money. Hatha-yoga is not practiced in that way. You have to practice in a secluded place, alone. Do you do that?
Devotee: Yes. Not… No. I guess I don’t.
Prabhupada: It is very difficult in this age. Then you have to restrain yourself in so many things. Complete free from sex life. You have to eat under certain direction, you have to… So many things there are. These rules are not followed. Simply they have got some bodily gymnastic sitting posture. They are thinking, “I am practicing.” No. That is one of the items. So all the items cannot be observed in this age. Therefore it is wasting. (Room Conversation — May 10, 1969, Columbus, Ohio)

Can you tell me what will change in this quote due course of time? Gymnastic yoga will remain a hindrance for Krishna consciousness till the end of Kali yuga.

If Radhanath Swami wants to change something and thinks that Prabhupada’s teachings are “outdated”, he can create a new movement and spread his nonsense there. That is what he is already doing for the most part. He and his disciples are completely unrecognizable as Prabhupada’s followers.

What can be changed are examples. For example, Prabhupada often used example that “every pilot have to fly his own plane, other pilots can’t help him”. That example obviously didn’t exist in Gaudiya tradition for the last 500 years, since flight by Wright brothers made in 1903. We don’t see any flights from Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s age till 1903. So, while preaching, we can give examples which understandable to people, but we can’t change anything in Prabhupada’s teachings, nor should we think that they are outdated.

So, you can challenge your friends to give a single example where Prabhupada’s instructions became obsolete. Until they can provide such example, we consider that they are just talking nonsense.

“Simple living, high thinking”, is that an outdated concept? Of course not. But people love living in the city because it is better for their sense gratification. And now they want to present Prabhupada as outdated so they could earn money, build career and be a materialist. And they imagine new philosophy such as “Your career is your devotional service” and so on.

However, for those who really have spiritual knowledge, they can understand that such attempts are nothing new. Kirtanananda followers, such as Radhanath Swami and Devamrita Swami have attempted to present Srila Prabhupada as irrelevant many years ago. Please see following article for reference:

Post Prabhupada nonsense

And Radhanath Swami is already converted Krishna consciousness into sahajiya circus:

How you get cheated by Radhanath baba

And they are trying to change not only letter and conversations, but they want to change Gita too.

Bangalore disaster


If you are not philosophically strong enough, don’t discuss philosophy with traitors. And ISKCON is full of traitors. In my local city, I was kicked out because I made a documentary movie that Sacinandana Swami should not associate with Ramesh baba sahajiya. People who don’t have faith in Prabhupada are lowest of the mankind. Just associate with honest and sincere people. People infected with Kirtanananda disease, such as Radhanath Swami and his disciples, they will never accept Prabhupada in the core of their heart, because they think they are smarter than Prabhupada. That is the root cause of these ideas to obsolete Prabhupada’s teachings. Real disciple will never think that teachings of founder acarya are becoming obsolete.