The spiritual cruise tattva

The spiritual cruise tattva

Nope, luxury apartments are not enough, we need luxury cruise also, that is Krishna consciousness. :joy:

Here is a short video where I explain my position on cruise tattva.

Main points from the video

Cruise tattva explained

  • Many disciples, some of them rich, so if they want to organize event such as this, there is not problem, it’s their money.
  • If Bhakti Caru Swami would have his own sailing boat, even if it was much smaller, I would have big problem with this, but this is a rented boat.
  • So, you can be Krishna conscious everywhere.
  • As I already explained, my major problem with Bhakti Caru Swami is that he has a female secretary, which I proved on my website, this is directly contradicting Prabhupada’s instructions. And my second problem with Bhakti Caru Swami is the he is practicing Gestapo management techniques, he participated in banning book “Mothers or masters”, this books was banned without even talking with the author. Since he is using Gestapo methods in management, I definitely can’t recommend him as a good choice for diksa guru, a pure devotee and genuine follower of Prabhupada will never behave in this manner.

Deeper problems with cruise tattva

  • Bad message: More money, more association.
  • Asat sanga tyagat: Many karmi people, probably half naked, eating meat, vaisnava festivals are usually isolated.
  • Waste of money: Although disciples can be foolish, and have desire to spend money in a foolish way, guru should not participate in that, rather, he should inspire them to spend money for Krishna. Rough estimates: 50 people 3000 dollars, that is 150 000 USD. That is a waste of money. We could establish varna asrama village with that kind of money. That was Prabhupada’s desire.
  • Funny lectures: Imagine yourself giving Srimad Bhagavatam lecture on a cruise ship? What will you talk about?
  • “Pure vegetarian meals”, I am not sure what is that. Is that prasadam, if it is prasadam, why it is not called prasadam, why it is called “Pure vegetarian meals”?

Cruise tattva 2012