Croatian varna-asrama disco

Croatian varna-asrama disco

We are very fortunate to spread the glories of a very important preacher in Croatia.

Mahananda das was created by the combined power of Zulu chief John Favors, aka Bhakti-tirtha baba, who initiated him into Vaisnava sampradaya.

Also, currently, he took shelter of Radhanath baba, and his temple is full of Radhanath baba’s photos.

To be honest, we must say that Varna-asrama is hard. Mahananda das brahmacari is running a small rural temple by himself. So, to relieve pressure, he is trying to please his Deities by varna-asrama disco dance. The disco session usually lasts for one hour, but here is a small clip.

This article is specially made for ganja-smoking girls who are interested in Krishna consciousness. You can experience high levels of bliss if you visit Mahananda’s asrama. Any girl who is chaste and shy, and humble enough to accept knowledge can come to Mahananda’s asrama to experience the sheer joy of varna-asrama disco.

And in the background, you can see the most merciful Lord Jagannath enjoying some rock:

Now, in case you are wondering which song is blaring for the pleasure of the Deities, this is a very elevated song which describes Yugoslav spiritual warriors:


In the end, as usual, I would like to ask all devotees to never criticize pure varna-asrama disco dance. If you can’t understand something, it is not a reason to criticize. Always concentrate on your own purification, and don’t publicly expose nonsense, so that nonsense can thrive. We need nonsense in Srila Prabhupada’s movement so that we can prove that nonsense and real Krishna consciousness are all one.