Cost of betrayal

Cost of betrayal

18 months ago, when I started my fight against sannyasis with secretaries and Ramesh baba followers, I was mostly alone, my only audience was around 500 facebook friends and followers.

Now, 18 months later, I have over a thousand facebook friends and followers, and 99% of them were added because they wanted to be friend with me. I also have over a 100 people who subscribed to mailing list, and few more through direct notifications, total audience is around 3500 devotees, who visit my website every month.

So, what is the point? Being popular is not idea in Krishna consciusness, if popularity is the measure, Lady Gaga is far more successful than I am.

Sheep consciousness :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:

The point is, change in consciousness. Most amazing change of consciousness. What change of consciousness? Thousands of devotees transitioned from sheep consciousness, which was enveloping everybody in ISKCON 1 year ago. Sheep consciousness can be defined as one who thinks that ISKCON is completely on the right track, all so called gurus on the guru list are perfect followers of Srila Prabhupada completely loyal to him, and everybody dares to say something else is envious aparadhi faultfinder who is completely wrong, destined to go to hell and totally crazy.

The spy network

And that theory works very well for the people with IQ less than 50, those who are above IQ 50 were first amazed that all my claims on my website as supported by evidence. Second of all, I managed to convince people that they have every right to be angry if Prabhupada is not followed. They have every right to protest. Devotees started sending me creepy stuff, which I receive constantly. My spy network covers everything, Peru included, I just received this info in broken English two days ago, it describes karmi concert which happened on vyasa puja of one ISKOCN guru in Lima, Peru:

they are playing karmi songs. This is worst than Krishna West in my opinion, you can see “devotees” old and young in that “party”, in the second video, dancing very happy, fools.

I am going to publish this tomorrow.

The revolution is starting

But what happened this morning was unparalleled. We see devotees rising to publicly fight nonsense. Everybody wants better ISKCON, but if nobody dares to speak up, we will never improve the situation.

You see, deviant leaders will stay deviant as long as submissive sheep are willing to follow them and never protest against anything. If we really want to improve this movement, which is deeply afflicted by nonsense, devotees will have to stand up against nonsense.

I originally though that movie “Cost of silence” was only a glitch in the perfect cover up system, but now I see they more and more devotees are ready to fight nonsense.

This video had 2500 views this morning when I woke up, it was online for 18 hours only. 12 hours later, at the time of this writing, it is at 5000 views, in other words, it’s spreading like fire.

People are fed up with having to live with nonsense and having to stay silent.

Although video is present on facebook and youtube, I am embedding it here, and it is here to stay.

The aftermath

Revolution against Radhanath baba is coming up in all parts of the world, Gurukulis are not happy, devotees in Bangalore are not happy, because Radhanath baba’s disciple, Caitanya Caran just got away with insulting Prabhupada, I am definitely not happy by being kicked from Prabhupada’s temple by Ramesh baba followers, and devotees in Russia are definitely not happy because they are being kicked from temple, because they don’t accept new saints introduced by Radhanath Swami, namely Neem Karoli baba and meat eater mother Theresa.


When Jvalamukhi talks about Bhavanandaji giving lecture in Radhanath Swami’s temple, she is probably reffering to this video:

When she was talking about Radhanath Swami offering obeisances to monster Kirtanananda, she was probably reffereing to this photo: