Chastity test – corporate managers vs ISKCON sannyasis

Chastity test – corporate managers vs ISKCON sannyasis

I read today on Facebook interesting article named “How the #MeToo Movement Is Changing Western Society” written by Krishna Kirti das.

#MeToo movement is basically idea that a lot of women in the west are raped and sexually harassed by men. It was started by a few american actresses who usually perform in Hollywood movies, in which they sometimes appear half naked, sometimes they have sex with main hero of the movie so that million of people can see it. So, I want to point out to all the evil producers, directors and actors in Hollywood, you should not rape half naked actresses who have fake sex in front of cameras, ok?

In original article by Krishna Kirti, he provided link to NBC page which provides statements by various corporate managers how #meToo movement changed them.

Now, we will compare two groups, corporate managers and ISKCON sannyasis, and see how #MeToo movement changed them.

ISKCON sannyasis

In this website, I documented numerous incidents which prove that many ISKCON sannyasis had or still have female secretaries. The amount of evidence I was able to collect during last two years is astounding.

Additionally, sannyasis who travel with female secretaries are type of a taboo topic in ISKCON, even sannyasis who don’t have female secretaries are not preaching the real truth, because they have fear of “offending” other pure sannyasis who have female secretaries.

And of course, spineless GBC body never produced a single GBC resolution which would regulate sannyasis and female secretaries.

So, ISKCON is currently in a stage called “amplified cat and dog level”. On official ISKCON lectures and festivals, You will never hear subjects such as: “separation of the sexes”, “chastity”, “benefits of celibacy”. Even if there is celibacy talk, it is presented as if celibacy is just for neophytes. In this way, ISKCON is steered in sahajiya direction and we will become another useless religion full of retards on the cat and dog level.

Statements by corporate managers

I would almost there to say that materialists and karmis are on the more advanced level than sannyasis, at least they are able to produce and publish some statements which you will never hear in ISKCON, and I am quoting from the original article:

“I minimize my interaction with women now and under no circumstances will I be in a room alone with a woman again. … We have all been told by our corporate office to not have a man and a woman alone in any room, whether it is an office or a conference room. If a man and a woman have to have a conversation behind closed doors, we are now required to have a third person present, with a fourth being preferred.” (Male, Manufacturing, Keene, N.H, Age 43)

This guy would be typical ISKCON brahmacari:

“I no longer feel comfortable joking around with [women] about any topic, as these days they can say anything feels like an unwanted sexual advance. I can ask a guy co-worker to hangout or laugh and act friendly, but now I only feel safe talking about nothing but work with women because even me trying to make them laugh could be portrayed as an unwanted advance.” (Male / Federal Government / Port Orchard, Wash. / Age 22)

Little afraid:

“It has made me a little afraid to say anything to female/male co-workers that they may take it the wrong way and scream #MeToo. I find my conversations are much shorter than they normally would be. They are strictly about work and nothing else. No questions about family, friends, what they did over the weekend and things like that. … I make sure there is someone else within earshot of our conversations in case there is ever a question to what was said or implied.” (Male /Manufacturing / Centralia, Ill. / Age 57)

Cut off:

“Even before #MeToo, I would not meet with students in my office with the door closed. Now, many of my colleagues will not allow a female student alone in their office even with the door open. I worry that this is going to cut female students off from support and opportunities that male students benefit from.” (Male / University / Berkley, Calif. / Age 48)

This guy is more advanced than Sacinandana baba and Indradyumna Swami  combined:

“Back in November, management had a meeting where we decided that travel needs to be limited to people that are not potential HR problems. So no more young people of any gender can go on trips with management. People who do travel together must also be the same gender. We also cannot sit next to each other on the plane, so there is no way to work on the flights. It also means that assistants can’t be upgraded to sit with management so they stay in the back.” ( Male / Coisulting / Washington, D.C. / Age 53)


As we can see, corporate managers are far more careful than some ISKCON sannyasis. Of course, in case of corporate managers and people who interact with opposite sex are not careful because they want to make spiritual advancement, but they are careful because they don’t want to get in trouble. Sexual harassment case is last any individual or company wants.

Also, we can learn that ISKCON authorities are not willing to preach even most basic, common sense knowledge.