Origins of Krishna West

What can I say, while this is not most philosophically potent video which I ever saw, it is clearly one of the most funny ones, sent to me by devotees from Russia, who are sharing it in a more underground way, because it is "illegal" in ISKCON to make fun of people who claim that we will conquer the world with jeans and lasagna instead of dhoti and sweet rice. It is especially illegal if jeans and lasagna tattva is preached by somebody who is guru-list "guru". If somebody is on the guru-list, then you are supposed to believe in lasagna and jeans, and don't make funny videos about it. (more…)

Achieving the Neo power-sannyas level

UPDATE: This article contains errors, see here for clarification. I am humble devotee. I believe in ISKCON authorities. I never question their behavior because I am not envious. Whatever the pure devotees do, I accept as divine. The moment I start doubting ISKCON gurus and their behavior, I become the offender, and I also risk to commit the first offense to the Holly Name. (more…)

Nonsense concert tattva

Many people are wondering how Krishna consciousness in USA is in such a bad shape. It's in bad share because leaders are nonsense people. And now, to save western mission, we need Hridayananda das Goswami. Actually, to use indian names is not allowed in Krishna West since it can scare people off, so let's just call him Howard das Goswami. Now, Howard das Goswami will save Prabhupada's mission through the medium of jeans and lasagna. Now, when Howard das Goswami is GBC for Brazil, we can call Krishna West nonsense one of the official ISKCON theologies. By the way, I don't think that Howard, aka Lasagna-man will be able to make any significant breakthrough. (more…)